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  1. I recently received RFE on I-485 for verification of future employment and medical records. I was working for a different employer on EAD for past 3 years. My green card sponsoring employer offered me to join last month after the RFE and I did switch. My lawyer recently replied to RFE with a pay stub from new employer (sponsoring employer). Do you think this was a wise move. Reading other posts it seems working for sponsoring employer is a good thing but I was not sure my timing to switch would cause any issues. Also, i do not have to file AC21 since i moved to to an employer who is sponsoring the green card. Please confirm. Thanks for help rashiars
  2. rashiars

    H1 Stamping going to Canada

    Yes you can...read this http://forum.murthy.com/index.php?/topic/25920-successful-h1b-visa-stamping-ottawa-evc/page__p__90570 It has my experience and other questions All the best!
  3. rashiars

    Successful H1B Visa Stamping @ Ottawa -EVC

    @ArunJAD Answers inline: a) Employment verification letter - who provide this letter client or employer ? Your Employer should provide this letter verifying that you work for them since XX date, salary$$$, you role, general responsibility and the name/location of your end client. This also means that the verification letter should tell the VO that you are working with bla bla client. b) End Client letter - what should be the draft for end client letter ( this is most important question) ? High Level content that: you are a consultant/ your role thru XYZ, working on ABC project since XYZ date , your resplonsibilities. You are an employee of your employer and there is no employer / employee relation between you and your client. My end client kept the end date of project open because it will run for some time. My client also added some details such as: that I am working on multiple projects that are of various nature. My contract is reviewed regularly and the need for my technical services are required for long term c) 16,17 . Petitioner’s employees of the job site listed ( is this provided by your employer ?) Yes d) 19.Company Brochure ( client or employer ?) Employer....represent the company your employed with. Hope this helps! Good Luck!
  4. rashiars

    Successful H1B Visa Stamping @ Ottawa -EVC

    Guys! I am very sorry for this delay. For various reasons, I could not log in/ had internet access. Not sure if your passports are already stamped but in case if not, here's my attempt to answer your questions. @Avasi36: yes your understanding is correct. This was his first time H1 stamping. He has a Masters from US also, I had my first H1 stamping from Ottawa in '07 and I also have a masters from US. What I want to state here is that if you have a masters from from US then you can go to Ottawa for your first H1 Stamping @luckyGuy12345 : Yes, his was first time stamping......I am not sure of an answer for you OPT thing but my understanding says that it's not like H1B where you should be employed all the time. It's an OPTIONAL Practical Training. In my view, you should be fine @Kona:I am not sure what your question is? I am guessing it's at the POE. If yes then You have to submit the passport to get the new stamp. If my understanding is incorrect, pls explain your question in detail. @p5harma: I had too many docs. Not sure you require all those but I did not want to chance anything. Here's a list that I can recall right away: 1. Orginal I797 2. Passport 3. DS160 confirmation form 4. Latest paystubs for 8 months 5. W2 for 2 yrs 6. Tax returns for 2 yrs 7. Employment verification letter 8. End Client Letter 9. Copy of latest and previos contracts for the CURRENT PROJECT, since I have multiple renewals for the same project - between Employer and Vendor 10. Timesheets - 2 months - employer, vendor, client 11. Performance appraisals reports for past 3 quarters 12. Snapshots of my company's website where I track my work status on a weekly basis - past 8 weeks 13. LCA/ Petition/ Support letter to consulate - actually the entire packet that my employer sent to USCIS while filing for my H1 14. Copy of I 140 15 Company's tax reports 16. Petitioner’s employees of the job site listed. The list should show all employees’ names, their specific job titles, start and end dates, and their individual 17. State Unemployment Wage Reports.Salaries and immigration status. 18. Business card of my emlpoyer/ client. Also, made them aware that they could get a verification call 19. Company Brochure 20. MS Degree/ Transcript 21. Extra passport size photo as per the instructions for DS form 22.I also took copies for most of the documents I mentioned above plus the photcopy of all pages of my DL, SSN, Passport. May not be needed but I took them for just in case scenarios...I was out of country and somehow it made sense to carry all that :) Good luck! Let me know I can be of further help!
  5. Congrats Rashiars, I am planning to go to Canada for my stamping as well. Could you please send me your Ph no where I can reach you ? Thanks,

  6. rashiars

    Successful H1B Visa Stamping @ Ottawa -EVC

    Sorry Typo: I was #9 in my interview and no one got rejected....all the candidates got stamped!!! Another FYI: I was given a new I94 when I came back to states...
  7. rashiars

    Successful H1B Visa Stamping @ Ottawa -EVC

    Sorry Typo: I was #9 in my interview and no one got rejected....all the candidates got stamped!!! Another FYI: I was given a new I94 at POE when I returned
  8. rashiars

    Successful Visa Renewal at Ottawa

    Use your reference ID from the Applicant summary page and loginto the ***********....This should have latest info. The CSC website takes time
  9. Hello All – I am thankful to this forum for all the info and help I have gotten from here and it’s a payback time. Hope you benefit from my experience Most recent H1B (renewal) stamping on Sept 27 in Ottawa, Canada. Background: MS from US First H1B stamping – Ottawa, Canada in 2007 – no issues (FT, direct employee) (This should answer your question regarding first time H1B stamping in Canada) Interview Questions: Where do you work, how did you learn about this job, what are your responsibilities (all in one sentence) How long have you been working in the US Who are your clients (I now work as a consultant as in EVC model) Do you work offsite Who is my employer? Asked detailed/ specific question about my duties No documents asked except I797. Period! The VO was nice and jovial. We left at a happy note J Some FYIs regarding passport pick up:- You will be given instructions to collect your passport from DHL (also, Loomis express) You will be required to enter the waybill number to check your passport status on the CSC website Trick: If you don’t know the waybill number by 6 pm the next day of your interview, copy your reference id from the application summary page (CSC website, after you login using passport DOB etc). Go to loomisexpressdotcom. Select reference id from drop down and enter the reference id. You should be able to collect info! Keep trying this. This is the fastest way. Once the waybill number shows up it literally takes an hour for the site to update that it’s ready Once the status is “undeliverable” it means you can go pick it up. The DHL is open until 9 at night The status on CSC will be updated at about 10-11 pm at night Other FYIs: 1. Please upload a recent photo on the DS -160 . No later than 6 months. You will have the option of going out and getting a new photo clicked. The Embassy guys provide all the instructions but it delays all the process. 2. I was # 9 in my interview. I guess majority of the guys were H1 prior to me and no one got stamped 3. Observation: not a lot of questions for the renewal guys. if it's a status change Fi-H1 etc expect some questions but very very basic - which school, why did you go? your paystub etc, LCA petition, How did you learn about this job, Your role in the company, what does ur company do etc etc (My husband had a F1 to H1, He is an FTE and we both got our visa) 4. We went to Ottawa via road. We had our I94 in our passports. We told the officer at the Canadin border that we are going for our Visa stamping and showed the appt letter. She did not take our I94. I don't know if it was because we had a visa interview or if we travelled via road. Please note that during my first H1 stamping time, no one took my I 94 5. We stayed at Embassy suites in DT about 1.5 kms from the embassy I had all the documents even more than anyone could have possibly carried to the consulate ;) Just like many of you I was really terrified with all the posts I had been following on forums since January of this year. Note to all: The forums help but also put an immense pressure. If you’re good and have everything you need, keep moving with confidence. I have seen people saying that no matter how confident you are things won’t work. Take it as a lie! Luck has some factor but get your documents straight. Have every documents and you’ll be good! Good luck to all!
  10. rashiars

    Successful Visa Renewal at Ottawa

    Rashee: I have been waiting for you to post:) Congratulations on the visa. Questions: 1. You were approved in Aug, I guess- Anything with PIMS? Did you do anything special to get PIMS verification done earlier so that you could avoid it? 2. Are you EVC? 3. What questions were you asked? 4. Tips/ questions/ concerns? Best, Rashi
  11. rashiars

    I797 submission during Visa Stamping

    Hi Rashee, Just wanted to follow up on your interview...how did it go? Guess you went to Ottawa...any tips/ comments/ word of caution that you'd like to share? How was your interview overall? Appreciate your response Rashi
  12. rashiars

    EVC stamping @ Ottawa

    Will keep you guys posted! My vendor is not very cooperative in giving the letter! It's usually the clients who don't give such letters but in my case it's the opposite!
  13. rashiars

    EVC stamping @ Ottawa

    Anyone? who recently visited Canada and can share the experience please?
  14. rashiars

    EVC stamping @ Ottawa

    All - I am due for a stamping at Ottawa in a few days...think got all the documents but a Quick question on Purchase order etc I am not carrying any specific (date wise) PO from Client to Vendor to Employer but carrying the following: 1. Master Services Agreement between Vendor and Employer with no mention of the client - it's just a services agreement that vendor works with my employer and they have a contract 2. Client Letter - says that I am engaged through the vendor since XX date. What I do and how long do they want me for (it's open) ----I am not carrying a vendor letter either----- Do you this would suffice or should I be taking more than these document...being diligent here. Have the right paystubs, W2s, paid all the time...never on bench Anything else I should be worried about? Recent visitors, please advice As always, Thanks! RG
  15. @madhandc30: I don't see anything wrong with the OP...I mean ya you could google for everything that's on this universe but seeking for a first hand advice from someone who been there recently doesn't hurt...right? It's like getting smarter from others' experience ;) Anyway! @ Wenger.swiss: I heard (on the forums here) that there is a Days Inn and Quality Inn with in a 15 minute walking distance of the embassy about 80 bucks a night. The internet at Days Inn sucks...