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  1. Hi, I am filling ds 160 for my parents visitor visa.Their b2 visa was rejected 2 times in 2009. 1. do i have to mention all the refusals with date and reason or the last refusal onlyin ds 160 Thanks
  2. Thanks for all your replies. My understanding is I can send my parents for visitor visa interview with my current passport copy and there won't be any problem as my passport is expiring in 2 mons. Thanks
  3. Hi, I am planning to sponsor visitor visa to my parents and my passport expires in sep 2014 can i sponsor visitor visa now (before my passport expires) or do i have to sponsor them once i renewed my passport. Thanks
  4. pswcil

    H4 visa stamping question

    Thanks for your reply. Did you do any advance document submission at the VFS office prior to the interview.
  5. pswcil

    Need info regarding H4 visa stamping

    Hi ultimate warrior, I am planning to for H4 stamping in hyderabad.Did your wife submit any advance documents to the consulate proir to the interview date.If yes what documents did she submit. Thanks,
  6. Hi, I am planning to for H4 stamping in Hyderabad this is my 3 rd H4 stamping. I have few questions about the new process 1. Do we have to submit any documents on the day figer printing appointment? 2. Do we need original or copy of Employer letter and Bank statement. Can anyone please share recent H4 stamping experience in Hydearabad. Thanks,
  7. pswcil

    query on visitor visa

    Hi, I am planning to visit india in january and want to apply for visitor visa for my parents 1.can I send them to visitor visa when I am in india? 2. Do I have to wait until I return back to US and send them to the interview which option is best for getting their visitor visa approved I am very concerned as they were rejected twice. Thanks
  8. pswcil

    H4 stamping question

    Hi, I am planning to visit India in January with my baby(Us citizen).I have to go for H4 stamping in Hyderabad and my husband's H1 is valid till june 2013. I went to india in 2010 and had h4 stamping done succesfully. I have few questions 1. Will there be any problem for my h4 stamping as there will be only 6 months gap? 2. My husband doesn't have H1 stamping in his passport and he didnot visit India in past 7 yrs? Thanks