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  1. Hi, My parents' multiple entry visitors' visa is expiring in May 17 2015. How many months before the the visa expiration can they apply for an extension to their visa? What documents would they need? Kartik
  2. Hi, I changed companies in October of last year. Now that my priority date has become current, USCIS asked for medical examinations results, G325 and AC-21 form. The attorneys submitted the documents to USCIS in the first week of August. The status still shows the application under review. My application was received by NSC, which I belive is processing applications faster than some of other centers. Does any one know the response time for NSC application? I know that the official period is 60 days, but I am hoping that it gets done sooner.
  3. Hi, I already have gotten my EAD( priority date November 2008) and I am waiting for my green card to become current. I am not married, but I may do so in the near future. If I get my green card and if I were to marry a woman living in India, is there a chance that my wife can come to US as my dependent? If not, what options do I have?
  4. krishnan.1000

    Dependent visa for EAD/green card holders

    Sorry if this is a stupid question. How difficult is it to add a spouse to an application given that I have received my EAD. To clarify, it is in EB2 category.
  5. krishnan.1000

    Missing documents required

    Hi, I got my EAD in February 2012 when my priority date became current. I renewed my EAD in January 2013. I have a problem and I hope that some one can help. I have all the original approval documents the first time I filed for my AOS, namely I-765 (EAD), I-131(AP) and I-485 (pending) from January 2013. However, when I renewed my EAD, I only have the approval notices for I-765 and not I-131. Is this a problem? I have a new and a better job offer that pays me more than 25K over my current salary and I would hate to not be able to take it because I have missing paperwork. The new company attorneys have also asked for the following. I don't have any of these documents. What options do I have? 1. ETA-9089 Part H section 2. ETA-750 PART A 3. Form I-512/Advanced Parole Documents 4. Form I-485 filing receipt (have it) 5. I-140 approval notice. I have this too. I don't understand what 3. means. I have been on H1-B the entire time and I have never used my EAD/AP combo card to enter or leave the country. I would appreciate any advice that you may have. Thanks, Kartik
  6. krishnan.1000

    Missing documents required

    I spoke with the attorney. He has said that they will not issue me the copy unless the company approves it. The company has said that they don't share a copy of ETA 9089/750/I-140. Are my only options to make FOIA request? Thanks, Kartik
  7. krishnan.1000

    Missing documents required

    They will do a H1-B transfer. I have submitted my H1-B approval page and I-140 copy and copies of most of the documents that they have asked for. Is there anything else I need to have them do?
  8. krishnan.1000

    Missing documents required

    Belle - I would like them to renew my H1-B and port my existing Green Card application over to the new company. I also have renewed my EAD/AP combo card. The EAD now expires in February 2015. What would you advise?
  9. Hi, I have received a job offer with another company that offers a higher pay but a similar salary. The job description is similar. I believe that I know the steps I need to change the jobs and I hope that some one is willing to help me in correcting some of the stuff I need to do. 1. I believe that the new company has to file AC 21 with a similar job descriptions associated with the application. What else are the steps that I would require from my new employer? Any other steps would be appreciated..
  10. Hi, My priority date is August 2008, EB2. I got my EAD when all the dates become current. I wanted to ask people more knowledgeable than I about this situation. I have a potential job offer from a new company and the company has said that they will file for my green card in a year's time from the time of joining to submit my application. What steps are required to port the application? I have heard of AC-21 but don't quite know what it means. Hence my question. Question: Will the priority date be affected in any circumstances because of the one year delay? I am assuming that my current company will not be happy. What problems can they create? If anyone can tell me about any other items that I should be worred about or keep in mind for this process, I would truly appreciate it. Thanks, Krishnan
  11. Hi, I travelled to India to get my H1-B visa stamped . I asked the airline staff to take a copy of I-94 attached to my passport, but they did not do so. In my haste, inexperience and naivete, I did not insist that they take a copy of I-94. I have just now realized my mistake and I would appreciate any advice on what to do next. I am currently in India, and my appointment is in 4 days time. I have the I-94 attached to I 797 approval notice in addition to old I-94 document. I also have all the documents I would need for my visa interview, but I wanted clarification on this matter. Since I am going to the consulate for the visa interview, I am hoping that proof of presence in another country is a moot point. I have read this article https://help.cbp.gov...a_id/752/kw/i94, but unfortunately, I don't have some of the documents listed in the article. My comments are in bold. Original boarding passes you used to depart another country, such as Canada, if you flew home from there. (I DON'T HAVE IT BUT I HAVE THE PROOF OF TICKET PURCHASE. I ALSO THE EXTRA WEIGHT PAYMENT RECEIPT) Photocopies of entry or departure stamps in your passport indicating entry to another country after you departed the United States (you should copy all passport pages that are not completely blank, and include the biographical page containing your photograph); (HAVE AN INDIAN ENTRY STAMP BUT NO USA EXIT STAMP. PLEASE ADVISE.) Dated pay slips or vouchers from your employer to indicate you worked in another country after you departed the United States, (NOT APPLICABLE SINCE I AM WORKING IN INDIA) Dated bank records showing transactions to indicate you were in another country after you left the United States (I AM OPENING AN NRI ACCOUNT. WOULD THAT HELP?) School records showing attendance at a school outside the United States to indicate you were in another country after you left the United States, (NOT APPLICABLE IN MY CASE) Dated credit card receipts, showing your name, but, the credit card number deleted, for purchases made after you left the United States to indicate you were in another country after leaving the United States. (I DON'T HAVE AN INDIAN CREDIT CARD BUT I AM USING MY FATHER's ADD ON CARD). Any advice would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks, Krishnan
  12. Hi, I have been working as a software engineer in United States on H1-B for about 7 years now but I have never had my H1-B visa stamped. I did arrive to this country on a F1 student visa. There were some mitigating circumstances that I don't want to delve in detail. I have never had any problem with visa renewal though. I have my H1-B renewed until 2015 February and my EAD expires in March 2013, that I am hopeful of getting renewed. However, I do have to visit India in April to May 2013 next year as my brother is getting married. I wanted to know if there is any thing that I should be careful of or consider in advance given the fact that my H1-B visa has not been stamped in-spite of multiple renewals. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Krishnan
  13. krishnan.1000

    May 2012 Visa bulletin out ...

    I wanted clarificaton on the original thread. When it is said that the EB2 visa allocations for India/China have been depleted, does that mean that annual quota allocated to these countries has been depleted or does it include the visa allocations that would have normally been granted after the spill over from other countries and categories? Any information or opinion either way would be appreciated.
  14. Hi, I have filed for my green card in January 2012 (priority date Nov 2008). I have received my EAD/AP combo card and have had my finger prints taken. I just moved yesterday to a new address and am filing for AR-11 online. I wanted to know the correct answer to this question "I am in the U.S. as a", The options are "Other", "Student", "Visitor" and "Permanent Resident". What answer should I fill out? If the answer is "Other", then I need to elaborate further. What would I fill out in this case? Thanks, Kartik