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  1. My last H1B visa was stamped in Canada in 2017. The last time i checked the questions on USTRAVELDOCS, I had to appear for an interview (I canceled it for pandemic reasons) When i tried to schedule my interview this time, when i answer all the questions truthfully I end up with an Interview waiver (dropbox) even though my last visa was NOT stamped in India. Looks like they have eliminated that question which asks you specifically if your last visa was from home country... did this change recently? thanks!
  2. pappu2003


    Interfiling is a notoriously unreliable tool. You could send your medicals before they ask for them but be prepared to send them back for a RFE. We interfiled a document months ago and it was lost in time/space (no updates on my uscis case status). I think the best case scenario is to wait for a medical RFE. (those exams arent cheap!)
  3. Hello, My PD is 12/2010-I was allowed to file I-485 in October 2020 and now dates have retrogressed back to final action dates. I received my EAD/AP 2 months ago and yesterday I received RFE for medical exams for me and wife. I do have a recently approved EB1 (Jan 2021) but I haven't interfiled as yet. Does getting a Medical RFE mean that USCIS has started moving to an interview or is this RFE just a routine step and my GC interview could be months/years away? thank you
  4. One of my medical trainees is stuck in India (hopefully temporarily). He went for an interview and they canceled it out of nowhere. That worries me-I plan to go to Mumbai in May/June. Travel ONLY if you have to. Do not risk it unless you have a true family emergency. Just my opinion.
  5. Thanks JoeF! my lawyer firm in the one the top 10 in the nation/leading EB1. yet they've left me high and dry on this matter. They tell me they dont know what is the best way to interfile. any suggestions? or links that I can share with them? Thanks for insight.
  6. EB2 PD 12/2010 Applied I-485 Oct 2020- EAD/AP received. My university applied EB1b in December 2020-approved Jan 2021 New EB1 has PD of 12/2010 How do I update my pending I-485 to reflect my new I-140 information? My lawyer has no idea how to interfile-he suggests that I file a new I-485... Should i file a new one or explore the interfiling process and how does that even work? thank you for your input! PP
  7. pappu2003

    Should I fill Form I944 while filing I485

    Technically its optional till 10/13/2020. USCIS cannot reject your application but may RFE you. the form is cumbersome but might save you a few months delay.
  8. I just filed my I-485 today (my Priority date is 12/2010). My employer wants me to file a EB1-B. is it worth going through that extra trouble and is it even possible to file for another I-485 incase it gets approved with a previous pending I-485? THANK YOU!
  9. pappu2003

    Dumb question: Priority date on I-140

    Friends, I have 3 dates on on I-140. Which one is my real priority date? Priority date: Dec 2009 Receipt date: Jan 2011 Notice date: Jan 2011 Initially I thought its was the 'real' priority date, but my University lawyer says its the notice date. thank you!
  10. I'm working with my university for my EB-1B application. One of the criteria, on my research, is high salary, for EB1s... can that be used if I can give documentary evidence that I am in the top 10% wage-wise, as compared to my peers? thanks
  11. I'm an academic critical care physician. My H1B runs out on 30th July. I have a approved petition till 2023 and a I-94 till 6/2023 (recent travel) I want to get my visa stamped in Canada or Mexico on a expedited basis but my university lawyer doesn't want me to. he thinks I'm taking an unnecessary risk. I think I should be safe since I take care of covid patients and have that in writing. I feel the need to have the visa stamped if I have to go to my home country in a pinch. what do you Gurus' think? thank you!
  12. pappu2003

    Kid Visa Stamping - H4

    He is not subject as long as you were in status on June 24th. The Department of state clarified that on twitter, yesterday. They have a account called Travel gov. Spouses and dependents are not subject as long as you were in the US on the 24th in a legal status.
  13. pappu2003

    Can I go to a different US consulate in Canada?

    Thank you! that helps a lot!!
  14. My DS 160 states I will be attending the stamping in Calgary. I want to go to Ottawa now. Can reschedule my interview there (as long as an appointment is available)? thank you
  15. pappu2003

    H1B doctors starting 1st July

    One of our interns is from Nepal and the US embassy there is completely unresponsive.