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  1. pappu2003

    H1B doctors starting 1st July

    One of our interns is from Nepal and the US embassy there is completely unresponsive.
  2. Are the new interns starting on July 1, the ones who applied for and got a H1B approval , getting their visas stamped? I heard that some new doctors were put on Admin processing. We have hired a couple of people on H1B and we are waiting for them to show up.
  3. pappu2003

    Valid I-797, expired Visa stamp, travel to India

    Technically, you are exempt from the ban, because you ARE IN US when the proclamation was announced. (Obviously talk to a lawyer). They may decide to let you get your visa stamped. That was what I took away from **** *******.
  4. pappu2003

    June 22 Proclamation

    Unfortunately, not. I-797 is not a travel document. You need a valid visa. Paradoxically, if you were in the US, at this time, you would be excluded from the ban. That is why this seems so unfair. This was answered on a different forum last night.
  5. pappu2003

    Expediating Visa stamping (criteria)

    I read in multiple places that classes starting and/or work stating at a certain date and you needing to be there also qualifies for expediated appointment. I know that I'm inside the country but if my work starts on 1st of August, and my visa expires 30th of July, could that we grounds for expedition? Lastly, when we have to enter Canada, will 'I've come to Canada for Visa stamping' be considered as essential travel? (i'm talking of current times, while the Pandemic is still going on) thank you
  6. Can someone tell me what are the criteria for requesting a expedited visa stamping appointment in Canada? I work in an essential role as a critical care physician at a large hospital. My mother is ill in India but stable. I'm hoping to visit her but my visa expires in July. Once the embassy opens up, may I request an expedited visa stamping appointment? thank you Pappu
  7. I just booked an appointment for stamping on 22nd of August in Ottawa. 1. anyone see any earlier dates? 2. Can I change to an earlier date if available? 3. How often can you change your appointment? 4. Any suggestions to get an earlier date? thank you!
  8. My H1B expires on July 30th 2020. I have an academic appointment. same job for last 9 years. My last 3 H1B have been stamped in Canada. I have a Canadian visitor visa. Gurus, when should I apply for the visa process? any idea when the visa offices open? when do you think the border opens? all advice appreciated. thank you
  9. pappu2003

    H1B renewal in Canada

    Thanks GopalaK I meant that I hoped to get H1B via premium processing (and that I work in a non cap academic setting). My H1B ends July 30. I was thinking that I would apply for a renewal (9th year same job) in March. thanks again Pappu
  10. pappu2003

    H1B renewal in Canada

    I plan to get my H1B renewed soon in premium (academic setting). Are there any dates available in Canada (any embassy) for stamping? what is the typical wait time to get an appointment in Canada? thank you!
  11. Dear Friends, Ive been on a H1B visa in my job as an academic physician for the last 7 years (140 approved) I've been promoted from Asst to Associate professor (with a different salary too) will this be an issue when I file for another H1B extension for 3 years?
  12. Ive been promoted from Asst to Associate prof in my university. I'm an academic physician. My job description, work place and work duties have not changed. Obviously the salary has been going up for the last few years, depending on the productivity. will I need an H1B amendment? my H1B is up for renewal in July 2020-can it wait? thanks Pappu
  13. I had my H1B stamped via dropbox. Unfortunately my visa, which was issued on the 9th of Feb, was annotated 'Not valid for travel before 20th feb..' I'm flying out on 20th night with the 1210 am flight. Is this going to be an issue at the POE or the airport? Thanks for your input.
  14. Which has been filed by a company that no longer exists? I worked for company A that filed For my I-140 in 2012. I recently moved to a different company for a year, say company X. I want to move back to company A. That company A has been taken over by company B. Company B is willing to take me back on H1B but looks like my I-140 is invalid? Can they file for my H1B and a I-140 amendment at the same time? THANKS!
  15. I was working for St Francis hospital that filed for I-140 in 2012. I worked for them till last year, when I had to move to another job with St Elizabeth, who filed for my H1B based on their(St Fran) I-140. In the meanwhile St Francsis have been acquired by a giant conglomerate with different Tax ID. I want to move back to St Francis (Now with a different name). Will I have to get the I-140 amended first before the St Francis lawyer files for my H1B? thanks!