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  1. Hi.... H1b transfer petition was received a few months ago by one of the field offices in the US. It is under processing and has been a few months. Would it be possible to throw in a few more documents for them to evaluate, while the visa is being processed? It is just to avoid the running around, with them coming back, me going back again, a few more months of this could be avoided. Please... advice.
  2. Fast Comet

    H1b extension - Premium convertion delay

    what was the result Harsha? Are you still waiting, is the unofficial hold true? I won't apply for premium if it doesn't really work you know ... let me know what happened
  3. When H1b is transferred to another field office, I think the time re-starts. The new countdown is another 90 days standard/ average to response - from the time the new Field Office received the visa details. Would you please share your experiences?
  4. Fast Comet

    H1B transfer processing Times

    So, did you get a response, its a standard 5 months from my first H1b processing I recall..
  5. Thanks Joe!! I re-calculated the H1b time alone, -- the F1 time. So, do I have more than 2 years left?
  6. Is my calculation on H1b from below table correct? I consulted a local att. and he was in a hurry, but said I have a unique case where I have 1.2 years left on H1b and am also CAP exempt. Now when I file through H1b - "extension", I will get 6 years. I want to confirm a) filing type is H1b Extension through new employer b) whether I am cap exempt. Thanks!!!! Aarthi