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  1. INDNewYork

    H-4 EADs

    The rule is going to attract a LOT of fake work experience spouses to get EAD which is not accurate.
  2. INDNewYork

    Questions about EAD/AP and H1-B

    That was a nice link but scary to infer any info from that because it is 4 yrs old!
  3. INDNewYork

    Need help on travel with AP

    Hello, Me and my wife recently received our combo EAD\Ap cards. My h1 is valid till next yr, but the stamping was expired long back. My wife has valid h4 stamping till next yr. We are planning to travel to india for a vacation. I am on E-V-C model. Do I still need to take all those client letter, employer letter etc....? If asked details abt employment, If I say at POE that i am on EAD and working on E-V-C, is that fine? I know there will be a separate inspection for the AP\EAD holders. Appreciate responses from experts like Belle, Joef, Pontvechio etc...
  4. Doesn't matter the no. of yrs of exp... Courses like AMIE, diploma, MCA, Msc IT etc etc doesn't work out. Apply for EB3.
  5. INDNewYork

    Require Advise - critical

    Greed comes back. People explore H1 transfer option for MORE MONEY,but that comes back. H1b transfer option is for "layoffs, downsizing etc.." not for exploration for money. Better & Best to stay with the ONE employer until you get GC.
  6. INDNewYork

    H1 to H4 COS - URGENT , Please advise.

    I see people exploring the H-1B system and instead of finding a new job, applying for COS to H4 which they think is safe, but will have impact in future GC or something. But pleased don't again apply for COS to H1 if somebody tells you that they will give a job.
  7. "Client Letter" woes continue...
  8. Greed comes back at some point of time. You need to face the H1 stamping atleast once to prove you are eligible. No offense meant. Seems you came on H4 and COS to H1. Now the big thing AOS is in trouble.
  9. You lost half of your time in the most important stage of ur life....Go back and relax.
  10. INDNewYork

    My stamping experience in Tijuana

    Your experience sounds like you went to a city of un-certainites and risks and came back safely. God bless h1b's.
  11. INDNewYork

    EB3 - Approved - Waited for a decade

    You've lost most of ur time in LIFE by waiting for GC. Does the air that you inhale changes now? NO. Sit back and relax. GC may be or may not be helpful to u at this stage of LIFE
  12. INDNewYork

    Missed 1st FP. What should i do?

    Me and my wife both were allowed at the same time along with our 14 month old baby. It was done within 25 minutes. USCIS office was very kind.
  13. INDNewYork

    What is crucial for successful H1B Stamping ?

    I am with a so-called Shady consultancy and had no problem in stmapings, H1 extensions etc...