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  1. Hey, just wanted to give an update that my husband finished his oath ceremony yesterday. So the process Indeed did complete in 7 months though it said 14 months. so fingers crossed for the rest of us!
  2. bayarea_girl

    8 months after biometric ,No updates on N400 Application

    Everyone’s timeline is different. Just be patient and don’t worry. I know it’s hard. my husband and I filed our citizenship applications on the same day in Mar 2021. Yesterday he finished his oath ceremony and is all done. Me on the other hand only did my biometric in July 2021 and am still waiting.
  3. The same thing happened to our application. I submitted it in mar 2021, at the beginning it showed a processing time of 9months, but now it says 17 months. similarly for my husband it said 7 months before and now says 14 months I live in NJ too
  4. A little clarity on your question. I am assuming you are living and working in india and you had your h1b done by a company from india and you never used it. That being the case, yes you can have your currrent H1b transferred to a new company that wants to do a H1B for you and don't have to wait for the h1b quota of next year to open up.