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  1. My wife has to get an H1B stamp done. We filled up DS 160, paid fees, but it when we go to see OFC appointment dates, it says no dates available. Trying to get something for Nov-Dec. Any thoughts?
  2. I joined Company A in May 2019 and they were quite slow in getting the Perm. My Perm was filed by Company A and is currently in process. My PD is April 2011, and I have been on H1B since 2006 My H1B at Company A expires in April 2022, and they were planning to file the extension around Oct / Nov (180 days in advance). However, today my lawyer said that since my PD is current, they cannot file H1B extension under AC-21 and the only option is to wait for AOS. But that is a problem because just in case the Perm does not get approved till April and then in that case if Premium is not available (for H1B ) I am stuck . Also, somewhere this seems to be leading to a gap scenario where I might need to move to H4 and I am not keen on doing it. Any thoughts on this? The other thing is - that I am also close to getting an offer from another company B. This raised one more question in my mind. If I get an offer from company B , can they file for an H1B given that my PD is current in both Eb2 and Eb3 ? Both company A and company B are well-reputed product companies
  3. Engineer1234

    H1B premium processing

    Hello, There's a restructuring in my organization and I might lose my job (full time at a reputed company, not contract). I have I140 approved from 2 prior employers but am on H1B. My wife is also on her own H1B (also non-consulting) If I lose my job, can I simply move to H4 after my 60 day grace period is over? I understand the only downside would be that if I get a job after that I'll need to wait for H1B to be approved before starting to work (and not start on receipt) ? Also, under the new administration - do we expect H1B Premium processing to stay active for most of the year? If that's the case then I would be less worried. My worry mainly is to have to sit at home months if I don't find something in 60 days.
  4. I have been in the US for a long time(~17 years) and have I140 approved in EB2 from 2 prior employers. My wife also has an I140 approved from her current employer in EB3, however, our priority dates have not been current . I am current on EB2 with my current employer now and it looks like I'll be eligible for EAD / AP etc. We are, however, planning to relocate to India by the end of this year before my daughter turns 5 (plan got pushed out by a year due to COVID). My question is , if we apply for GC but return back to India , I do realise the GC process stops . But if I do decide to come back, can I leverage my previous I140 to recapture this date? Or once you enter the AOS/AP/EAD, you can't do that?
  5. Engineer1234

    H1B extension on previous employers' I140

    Hello, I am on H1B since 2006.All companies mentioned below are well-renowned product companies (no consultant/contractor) Company A filed for GC , PD , April 2011 Moved to company B in 2016, they filed for GC, PD, April 2011 (they were able to recapture) Got laid off, moved to company C in May 2019, they have been very slow in the filing. As of Sep 2020, they have only been able to submit prevailing wage and Perm filing is going slow. Current H1B is stamped till April 2022. Question is: 1.If I get a job offer now, can I move to that company and also file a 3 year H1B extension, given the fact that my I140 has been approved by two prior companies? 2. Does this change if I am in the 3rd year of my H1B ?
  6. I have been on H1B since 2006. My GC was filed by company A with PD in April 2011 (EB2 category) Moved to company B in 2016, they also filed GC and retained PD Got laid off and moved to company C in April 2019. Company C is super slow in filing PERM. Is there any requirement that they absolutely have to file the PERM before the start of the 3rd year? If they don't , what are the consequences?
  7. I renewed by H1B visa at the Mumbai consulate . I wasn't eligible for dropbox . This was my 5th visa renewal (been on h1b since 2006). The officer said that the visa was approved and did not mention anything about admin processing. Visa interview was short (what do you do , what is your title). He said the passport could be picked up depending upon what option I chose. Any idea how many days is administrative processing ? I was asked to call a number and the rep there told me that it should take 7 to 10 business days but I wanted to know if someone else has experienced this before.
  8. I am in my 14th year of H1B. Need to get it stamped in Mumbai, India. The reason I did not qualify for Dropbox was because my previous visa was stamped in Tijuana, Mexico. Unfortunately, the first date available is December 16th, so I took it. How many days is it taking to get the passport back in Mumbai if everything goes fine in the interview? On a couple of previous occasions, I was able to pickup passport on same day.
  9. What is the exact requirement for H1B visas? Do you always need two appointments?
  10. Engineer1234

    H1B stamping in Ankara, Turkey

    I am an Indian citizen on H1B visa since 2006. I just joined a new company ( Udemy ) in 2019 and got a new H1b active till 2022. I need to travel for work to Ankara , Turkey . I don't have the visa stamp, so can I get it stamped at the Ankara embassy? Anyone has done that in the recent months? Also, if the answer is yes, I wish to know if there are one or two appointments needed and how was the experience in general.
  11. Engineer1234

    H1B stamping in Ankara , Turkey

    I am an Indian citizen , on H1B since 2006. Joined current company in 2019, have H1B approved till 2022 . Visa stamp has expired so I'll need a visa stamp to re-enter the country I need to travel to Ankara, Turkey for work. Has anyone got their H1B visa stamped in Ankara off late? Any good/bad experiences? Also, can I get a sense of the dates of processing there?
  12. I have been on H1B visa since Sep 2006. -Worked for company A from Sep 2006 till June 2016 on H1B. I140 approved with company A with PD of April 2011 -Joined Company B in June 2016, H1B stamp /I94 till June 2019. I140 approved with company B , PD of Apr 2011 retained Company has decided to eliminate my position completely so Feb 28 will be my last date. My wife has H1B so can go to H4 Or can use 60 day grace period. If I use 60 day grace period, can I start working on receipt when I get a new job? Instead if I don't use 60 day grace period , and move to H4 , can I start working on receipt when I get a new job? If I use 60-day grace period and then move to H4, is that a problem?
  13. Engineer1234

    H1B stamp of old employer (Entering USA)

    Hello, I have an H1B stamp on my passport valid till Sep 2018. changed employers in 2016 and have a 797 that is valid till 2019. I know that previously , I could travel with my old visa stamp and new 797/ petition. Can I still do that? I just wanted to know if there's any rule change that could potentially create a problem here.
  14. My H1B expires on 8/19/2017. The H1B premium filing is suspended from April. As per rules, I am eligibile to file an extension 6 months in advance. If my lawyers can get the paperwork in place, can I still file premium before April 3, say on March 30 for example?
  15. I am on H1B since 2006, and my PD is 2011 under EB2, been with the same employer since 2006. There's a chance of a layoff, or in general, losing my job. My wife is on her own H1B and her company is now filing her PERM In case I lose my job ,what are my options: 1. Is this option viable? I move to H4 under my wife's H1B. Assuming my company does not revoke I140, I try to find another job, and then apply for H1B and subsequent transfer of Green Card and hopefully PD is retained. My H1B is stamped till Oct 2018.