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  1. I booked my date on October 5th and got my Visa approved that day. I got my stamped passport in a week from there.
  2. @Shekarvijju....They are open now..just checked the dates. Hope u get the date you wanted..
  3. Why is the advance document site for hyderabad not showing the remaining documents? It showed till yesterday..what happened to it suddenly today? can anyone tell where to find the remaining list now?
  4. ra_grand

    I-94 Urgent question

    I am going to India to get my H1 stamped. So my question is should i submit the I-94 that is on my H1 or should I submit the I-94 that is on my passport when I was a student and came back here? Also do we need to have copies of I-94 for our record?
  5. Guys, We need to submit some documents to the VFS office in hyderabad before the interview right? I have a question..one of the document is the letter to USCIS, so should i take the letter that my HR gave to the attorney telling the job requirements and everything and asking the USCIS for the H1. Is this the letter that they are talking about.
  6. 3 rounds!! That was long mate. Is this the case with most of the people who are attending?
  7. Guys, October first week dates are open till the 7th! I just saw it for Hyderabad and booked it. Oct 6th is a holiday for Dusherra. So we have 3,4,5,7. Just information to help you guys out. Thanks.
  8. Common guys! Join :) Who all are going to India for October stamping?
  9. ra_grand

    221g Yellow Form @ Hyderabad September Tracker

    What documents were asked for after u were issued the 221g yellow form? Working for a EC and Full time should be safe right?
  10. Hi Guys and Gals! I am going to India in October. Just wanted to keep a tracker on when the dates will open for Oct 2011! So that it helps us all and as to what dates are available. As of now this posting dates till Sept 30th are still available! Lets discuss this...and get the stamping :) Good luck!