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  1. samkrish

    I-130 Help

    For Indian, Family-based Green card will take around 15 to 25 yrs... even more. I applied in 2009, I do not see much progress.
  2. How many years, she waited for F4 category.
  3. They have to leave the country once the six month period over .. that what I guess.
  4. This year I was selected in the H1B 2019 cap lottery, but I am still waiting for the petition. 1. My major degree is not computer science, Is it possible, my application may get rejected? Thanks in advance.
  5. samkrish

    Family Based Green card

    Current waiting time for F2A is 2 to 3 yrs for India.
  6. If any alien number is active, they are not eligible for B1/B2 visa or vise versa also.
  7. Current waiting time for India is 14 yrs to 17 yrs.
  8. My brother (US citizen) applied Family green card and three years back 'I130' got approved . "Now new proposed law eliminates the "F4" visa category so that US citizens will no longer be able to sponsor their brothers and sisters." What will happen to existing sibling applicant?
  9. As of today, your country's priority date is ' 22JUN04 ' , so around 14 + yrs you have to wait. Pls visit https://travel.state.gov or search 'Visa Bulletin' on google. Regards, Sam
  10. samkrish

    Applying H1B multiple places.

    Thank for the response, I mean two companies.
  11. samkrish

    Applying H1B multiple places.

    Hi, I have been applying H1B for three years through my company, but I am not selected in the lottery. So this time I am planning to apply two places. I know I can have one H1B at a time, but I am want to know, Is it legally allowed to "apply" two places? If it is allowed, then if both got selected, what will happen? :( Thanks in advance.
  12. Yesterday I read in the newspaper that US government going to stop sibling visa F4 category and I am not sure how far it is true. If it is gets approved in House, will it affect the existing people (who already submitted or got I130) as well?
  13. Will there be an impact on the F4 visa for Non-Muslim countries like China, Mexico & India? I applied for F4 visa on 2010, nowadays I see lot news related to immigration. Is he going to ban complete F1 to F4?
  14. It will take around 12+ Yrs for sure and not less than that.