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  1. Guys, My case is H1B transfer, following are details Initial regular processing receipt date: Jan 20th 2012 Upgraded to premium processing: Apr 2nd 2012 Status changed to approved: Apr 9th 2012 After upgrading to premium processing I didn't received any new receipt and as well my check for premium processing was not credited yet.
  2. Neither I received receipt nor my check is credited.. But online status got changed.. It says approved..
  3. Same here.. check for the premium still not credited in my account. Now it's almost 6 calendar days.
  4. One of my friend got 221g refusal from Delhi consulate, he attended interview 2 months back.
  5. tar53

    Got a call from Hyderabad Consulate

    At this point they can't do H1 transfer, it will be new H1 not subjected to CAP
  6. I think no one had cleared 221g on EVC model at hyderabad..
  7. tar53

    This is really urgent please help

    Find a project, ammend your H1 and visit India..
  8. tar53

    Case Number Question.

    Your case number may reflect in any other consulate but that is not your's. You should check status at the consulate you attended.
  9. tar53

    Entry with current visa ?

    Visa officer will cancel your old visa when you go for stamping.
  10. tar53

    Reduced number of 221g ? Opinion ?

    Now a days people on EVC model are not travelling to India..
  11. tar53

    Is it advisable?

    Can you please share your visa interview experience, as many said it's rare to get visa refused on EC model and I'm planning to change EC model.
  12. What is the reason given to you on rejection?
  13. tar53

    H1B Visa Refusal - Urgent Help

    Which consulate you attended the interview?
  14. Your visa is already approved, so wait for the passport to come and find out a new employer and do the H1 transfer. I think this time no need to go for stamping again.
  15. Need to report your employer not your client manager.