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  1. Thanks for the response. My US Company has no legal presence in my Home Country (India). However my Company has a presence in UAE. Can I do Consular Processing from there? Also if by Dec 2021 the PD is not current, should I just let USCIS know that I want to go for CP? In other words, at what point of time I need to inform USCIS that I need CP? My I-140 is already approved. Regards Richa Sharma
  2. Hi, Thanks for the response Pontevecchio and JoeF. Assuming that I cannot file I-485 by Dec 2021, then when should I initiate the L1A to H1B conversion? My 6 years on L1A get over in Dec 2020 and 7 years get over in Dec 2021. Also converting from L1A to H1B will impact my EB1C? (bcos the reason a person qualifies for EB1C is bcos of L1A) Further in one another forum someone confidently predicted that EB1 (India) will move only 2 months PER YEAR, which means with my PD of Sep 2018, I cannot file I-485 until 2025. I thought he is joking, but then he could also be true even by 1%? Thanks Richa Sharma
  3. Any one got any response??
  4. Hi People, I am Richa Sharma from India. My PD is Sep 2018. (EB1C, India, I-140 Approved) My questions are:- a) What is the earliest estimate when I can file my I-485? (GC Tracker estimates as Oct 2019 this year) b) What is the furthest estimate when I can file my I-485? c) Most Important - My L1A 7 years expire on December 2021. Any recommendations considering this date? Thanks, Richa Sharma
  5. Dear Gurus, I am based in Dubai and working as a Project Manager from past 1.5 years. My US Company attorneys are in the process of preparing documents for L1A. a) If L1A petition / visa gets rejected, can my Company Attorneys apply for L1B visa? b) How long to wait before applying for L1B visa after L1A rejection? c) Honestly based on the nature of my job, I am kind of on the fence between L1A and L1B. So which option should the attorneys go for in the first place. Looking for a practical solution on the above 3 questions. Regards, Nisha
  6. Hi My baby was born on Dec 8 2010. He got the PP by Jan 8 2011. His PIO card took another couple of weeks. All in all 6 weeks. They proceeded to India in Feb 2011.
  7. Hi, I was in US on an L1 visa with Company X for 4 years (2007-2011). Company X had hired me in Dubai in 2005. My son was born in US in 2010. In 2011 I came back to Dubai and joined Company Y. In 2012 I joined Company Z in Dubai. Its been 2 years since I left US and now I wish to go to US on a Visit visa with my wife and my US born son. Will I get a US visit visa or be denied just because I have a US born son? Just because I have previously worked in US, my visit visa could be denied? Your views please!! Regards Rahul
  8. Hi, We were staying in US couple of years back and our son was born there and unfortunately as I lost my job we had to move back to India. My son holds a US passport. My question is: Can we come back to US on our son's basis? Is there any provision in the law for this? I have a friend who has a handicapped son. He has contacted lawyer who is procesing his case on the basis of his son. He has assured that since his son is challenged, he can apply for a visa under humanity grounds. He has also assured that they will get green card and eventually a US passport. Is that really true? Insights would be really helpful on both the above cases. Mine and my friends case. Regards Nisha
  9. Subject : L1 visa - Requirement for 1 yr o/s US Dear friends, Thanks for reading my post. Background: I worked with Company A in Dubai for 1 year (2005 to 2006) .....and then I moved to US on L1 visa and worked with the same Company A from 2006 to 2011 (5 years) and then left the Co and returned to Dubai in April 2011. From April 2011 to April 2012 I have been working for a different local Company in Dubai. Now my US Company A wants me to join back their office and ofcourse eventually move back to US. Questions - Can I come to US on a new L1 visa in May 2012 sponsored by US Company A if I join them in April 2012? OR I have to again work with Company A for 1 year before applying for L1 visa? Will the 1 year rule of working outside US count, since I already served them in 2005-2006? Hope I was able to convey the background and question correctly. Appreciate responses. Thanks Jennifer