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  1. srinius

    can we go for H1 B visa stamp now?

    Thanks for the response.
  2. Hello, During these current situations, can we go to India and go for visa stamping? There are so many rules came, so just want need some confirmation. Please advise. Thanks in advance. Thanks
  3. Hello, I booked my flight in May through British airways. I don't have valid visa stamp, so I need to take transit visa? May I know how long does it takes to get a transit visa? Please help and thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks for your responses. I am planning to go earlier (at least 3 weeks earlier) and will try to sort out the things, and then we will apply for H4 visa. Thanks again.
  5. Hello All, Need advice please. I got DUI in 2015, completed all the court formalities. Currently I am on H1 (with approved 140, but no visa stamping), now we are planning to visit India. - If my wife (h4 visa) goes alone, is she going to face any problems? - Does anyone know any recent denials for H1 with DUI? Please advice and thanks in advance.
  6. Hello, Sorry, I have one more question. Now I am in a situation that I need to visit India. I understand my visa stamping takes around 4 weeks, but have one question. 1. If my wife and I both attend visa stamping at the same time, do my wife gets visa immediately or else she needs to wait for 4 weeks? Problem is she can visit only for 2 weeks, so not sure how to prepare my trip and both needs to be there for one occasion. Please advise, Thanks in advance.
  7. Thank you Gopalakrishnach and xTDx for your responses.
  8. Thanks for the response. Can you please clarify, what do you mean by ‘background check’. Visa stamping going to be delayed? thanks in advance.
  9. Hello, Can you please provide your status. thanks in advance
  10. srinius

    H1B Visa stamp issued 221G Chennai- DUI

    Hello can you please let me know your status, I am in the same boat. thanks in advance
  11. srinius

    Advise: H1B visa stamping in Hyderabad

    Hello i havd DWI in 2015, now planning to go to India. Are there any recent denials? I understand I need to go to physical test. Thanks in advance
  12. srinius

    Extend visitor visa stay

    Hello, Recently my in-laws got visitor visa. My sister in-law came here and the port of entry is in Chicago. For some reason officer gave approval to stay only for 1 month. actually we planned for 3 months. Is there a way I can file for any extension? Please advise. Thanks in advance.
  13. srinius

    Extend visitor visa stay

    Hello, She is already married, baby and her mother both are here. yes, that's a mistake to say for 1 month stay in interview. So applying extension (using 530) is a bad idea? please advise.
  14. srinius

    Extend visitor visa stay

    Also one more question please 1. After applying for I 539, and if I didn't receive any result in 30 days, based on the I 539 receipt, can she stay until we receive response? If the application is denied, then she will be out of status? Please advise.
  15. srinius

    Extend visitor visa stay

    Thanks for the response. 1. She is a home maker (with 2 year old baby). 2. In the visa application (for visa interview), it mentioned for 1 month stay. but at POE, she mentioned 3 months stay. that maybe the reason granted only 1 month stay. I think it's a mistake to include 1 month stay in the visa application. If apply 539 for extended stay and mention that it was a mistake, then they might consider for extend stay? If I have any other options please let me know. Please advise.
  16. Hello, Recently my h1 got extended but the CLASS mentioned in the I-797 is incorrect (it is like I1). Now I need to apply for H4 EAD extension, do I need to go ahead and apply for H4 EAD with incorrect I-797? My attorney submitted petition to correct their mistake, but not sure when I will receive the corrected document. Current H4 EAD expires in June 1st week. I think currently the H4 EAD extension taking 3-4 months. Please suggest. Thanks in advance. Thanks
  17. Hi, Last year I got DWI, hired criminal lawyer and immigration lawyer. I have 2 different case, one is administrative process (with department of revenue) and other one is with municipal court. The outcome on the administrative process is dismissed. So I thought the same thing will happen at municipal court. But the municipal court outcome came as 'reckless driving' with no points. Criminal attorney mentioned that your DWI will not show up in the records. Now the question is 1. I need to file for H1 extension, what I need to mention in the form? Is it safe to say "got arrested for DWI, but case dismissed"? 2. Also why there 2 different cases, administrative and municipal court? 3. I already told to my employer that got DWI but case dismissed. Due to municipal court outcome, again I need to inform that case got reduced to 'reckless driving'. Please advise. Thanks in advance.
  18. srinius

    DUI case dismissed or not? Please advise

    Hi, Thanks for the reply. I am still waiting for immigration attorney reply.
  19. Hi, Did you got your visa? please share your experience. Thanks
  20. Hi, Please advise, DUI with .26 BAC (1st time). still case is going on. Hired criminal and immigration lawyer, my concern is about green card (PD Nov 2010) effect on this issue. Immigration lawyer mentioned there won't any problem since it is first offense. Anyone in similar situation? Please let me know. Thanks in advance.
  21. srinius

    DWI - green card issues

    Hi, Yesterday I got DWI and would like to know how it will effect my green card processing. I have approved I 140 and H1 visa valid until Junw 2017. I am going to engage a lawyer. Please suggest. Thanks in advance.
  22. Hi, My position, working as a FTE (for the past 7 years), 140 approved and recently H1 extended for 3 years (valid until June 2017) and PD is Nov 2010. Now the situation is, recently in my company there are many layoffs and it is immediate termination (the same day they need to go). They are not giving any few weeks advance notice. It's kind of a scary situation. So now if I got laid off like that, I assume they will revoke my H1 immediately. I cannot find a new employer and new job in a next day, so once after they revoke my H1, my status is invalid? After H1 revocation, can I stay here until I get a new job and employer? Since these things happening, planning to leave the company by myself. Is it advisable to do? because my PD is Nov 2010, if I am lucky maybe next year PD will be current. Also again I need to start PERM and I -140. Please let me know is it advisable to leave the company by myself. Thanks in advance
  23. srinius

    H1B Cancellation - please advise

    Again Thanks a lot to all. It is really helpful. One final question, once after I file for B2, then after changing the status to H1, is it mandatory to go out of country for stamping? Can't stay with approved new H1? Please advise. Thanks
  24. srinius

    H1B Cancellation - please advise

    Thank you all for your responses. Can someone please guide me how to file for COS to B2? any online links will be helpful. So I can file COS to B2 now, and when I got laid off I can use this B2? or else I need to file it on the day when I got laid off? Let's say if I file COS to B2, how many days I can stay after H1 revocation? My wife is on H4, so there is no option to convert it to H4. Please advise, Thanks again
  25. Hi I have an approved I-140, 2 weeks back applied for extension in premium processing but got RFE. Last Friday received RFE but not sure what was there in it. I am working for an American based company for the past 6 years as a FTE and got approved 140 with the same employer. I have couple of questions 1. Do my attorney receives a soft copy of RFE? 2. I have asked my attorney about RFE but not getting any response, do they usually won't share the RFE information? Please help and thanks in advance.