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  1. Salman25

    221G Vancouver July 15th

    Thank you Ben2013 & Srikanth. Hope they will process my case fast too.
  2. Salman25

    221G Vancouver July 15th

    Hello Preetam, Thanks for your suggestion. May I know how long did they took to respond to your friends case? If it was less than two weeks then I will stay back in Vancouver, if it is more than that then I will leave to India this week. Also, could you please share your friend's contact details? Thanks,..
  3. Salman25

    221g in vancouver white slip

    Hello Srikanth, I had my interview on July 15th at counter 4 and she gave me 221G and kept I797, DS160, Client Letter and Passport. But I asked her my passport back as I need to go to India. Anyway, what is your status now? have you got any response to collect your passport? If yes, how long did the process took for you? I am asking this because I need to go to India in 2 weeks fro my wedding, If the process is taking more than 2 weeks then I will go back to India if not then I will stay in Vancouver for 2 weeks. Please advice. Thanks...
  4. Salman25

    221G Vancouver July 15th

    Here is my Visa Experience in Vancouver: My interview appointment was at 10:30. After all the formalities I was called to Counter 4 for the interview. Me: Good Morning. VO: Good Morning VO: What do you do for XXXX (Employer) Me: I told her my responsibilities VO: Who is your End Client Me: XXXX VO: How long you been working for the Client? Me: 5 yrs VO: How log you been working for this employer? Me; Since 3 yrs VO: Why did you changed the employer in middle? Me: Because I found better benefits with my new employer. VO: Do you have Client Letter? Me: Yes VO: Do youhave Pay Stubs, W2, I-129, Labor. Me: I handed all documents. VO: She typed for 5 minutes and asked about my Masters and Bachelor Degree Me: After few minutes VO: she said, she needs to do some additional processing about my case and it might take 2 weeks or less than that. Me: As I have my wedding in next month so I asked for my passport back. She just kept my I797 and returned all my documents. I got my passport back, as I was not sure if the Admin processing could take 2 weeks or more than that. But the Visa Officer told me that it might take less than 2 weeks. So guys please advice me whether to stay and wait in Vancouver for 2 weeks or I could go back to India? If anyone of you in the same category, please let me know how many days it took exactly to complete the 2 weeks Admin processing? Thanks....
  5. Salman25

    Name Format on I797

    Hi, I recently got my Visa approved and my name on Passport and all documents as First Name: SALMAN BASHA Last Name : SHAIK In my I797 approval I have my name as First Name: SALMAN B. Last Name: SHAIK So, will this be any problem in future if I go for Visa stamping or for anything. Please let me know do I need to request a name change to USCIS or I don't need to worry about it. Please advise. Thanks...
  6. Salman25

    Dec H1 Premium processing

    Type -- H1B extension Premium processing Center -- Vermont Receipt Date - Dec 2nd 2011 RFE -- Dec 15th 2011 RFE Response review on Jan 9th 2012 Approval Date -- Jan 10 2012 All the best guys....
  7. I filed my H1B premium processing on Dec 2nd RFE on Dec 15th Responded to RFE on Jan 6th H1B extension Approved on Jan 10th... All the best guys.... Good luck guys
  8. Salman25

    Dec H1 Premium processing

    @Chitown01 Yes, I have sent my last 3 yrs tax returns, and I am working on EVC model. @kuku82 This is my second yr extension, first time I got only for 1 yr H1B(which sucks). Yes, I have provided the required docs to the attorney hope everything goes well. Thanks guys for the prompt reply....
  9. Salman25

    Dec H1 Premium processing

    Receipt Date : Dec 9th Vermont Service Center - Premium Processing Status : Still in Acceptance Stage. Received RFE on Dec 19th asking for my last 3 yrs of Tax returns, recent time sheets and updated Work Order. Guys, did anyone got similar RFE asking for Tax returns? why do they usually ask for Tax returns. I do have all Tax returns but I am kind of afraid, please advice.