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  1. boomjosh2007

    I-485 and I-765 pending and H1B denied

    Hi, Thanks for your response, following are my answers to your questions Why are you asking this question now? (Perhaps because you received RFE?) - Yes I am asking this question cos my H1B got an RFE and recently its been observed that current administration is handing out denials to IT services companies. My employer is a fortune 200 but lately we are seeing a huge surge in denials especially from California center. Are visa numbers available? Yes my date is current Are you trying to change jobs? No What is the reason you think your H1b will be denied? I believe its just the current administration and the recent history of H1B denials for my employer gives me jitters. What changes were done recently to your H1b status? How many times have you received H1b beyond six years? My initial 6 years ended sometime in 2013-14. Have you made any mistakes in application? H1B petition is prepared by the employer's immigration team and they are very meticulous Doesn't you work profile match between H1b and I-485? It matches I am doing the same job as what is in H1B and I-485
  2. Hi, I have applied for I-485 and I-765 at NBC in Feb 2019 cos my dates are current. I am on H1B and filed for extension in March 2019, I got an RFE for the h1B extension in May 2019. RFE for H1B was responded mid of June 2019. If my extension gets denied my employer will put me on loss of pay and my salary will stop. What are my options if my H1B extension gets denied? Is there a way to expedite EAD (https://www.uscis.gov/forms/how-make-expedite-request) ? Any idea how much time it will take to get EAD from NBC? Please let me know.
  3. boomjosh2007

    EB1C I-485 processing time for Jan 2010 PD

    @pontevecchio can you please provide your expert comments on this?
  4. boomjosh2007

    EB1C I-485 processing time for Jan 2010 PD

    @pontevecchio Thanks for the update. When I checked I-765 processing time for MSC it says 4.5 to 5.5 months and for my location's field office the I-485 processing time is 10 to 22 months. That being said are there chances that my case will be processed on priority because of a very old PD? Please let me know your thoughts.
  5. Hi, I have applied for I-485 In Feb 2019 with my approved I-140 (approved in Sept 2016) and a PD of Jan 2010. Due to some personal reasons I had to be in India, now that I am back I have applied for I-485. Given that my priority date is Jan 2010 and my PD is current as of now for EB1C, how long it would take to get EAD and GC? I already received my receipts for I-485, I-765 and I-131 for me and my family. Thanks in advance for your help
  6. boomjosh2007

    H1B amendment for previous location

    Following is my case and I would appreciate if you can please answer my questions. 01. H1B extension filed in June-July 2016 (while working from client location in US) for Location – A. Extension was approved and is valid till June 2019. Visa stamped in passport till June 2019 02. H1B amendment filed in April 2017 for Location – B. Traveled to this location for 1 month. Amendment is approved for this location. 03. H1B amendment filed in Oct 2017 for Location – C. Did not travel to this location (currently in India) because the position went on hold. Received an RFE for this amendment. Given the above case, 01. Do I need to file an amendment if I have to travel to Location – A? 02. If I have to travel to location C can I still travel while I have an RFE? Please help.....
  7. Can anyone please help me with this? What would be the right set of documents to submit so that H4 is granted for my wife and my kid. Any help would be highly appreciated. I need to go to US in April - May and would like to take my family along with me. I was in US from Feb 2007 to May 2013, Oct 2014 to Feb 2016, June 2016 to Sept 2016, April 2017 to June 2017. Me and my now ex-wife have been living separately because of difference of opinion since Nov 2010 and I had filed for divorce in 2013-14 and then I finally got divorce in October 2017. I started a live-in relationship in April 2016. My divorce was still not done and that prevented me from marrying my new partner. We had baby in June 2017. Finally my divorce was done in October 2017. With divorce papers in hand I married my partner in December 2017. We got married at Registrar of Marriage office in my city. It was no big ceremony but only a few near and dear ones at the marriage registration office. After getting the marriage certificate my wife got her name and address changed on the passport and we also got a passport for the baby. My wife's passport has spouse's name as mine now. I need to travel to US for project work in next few weeks, having said that I applied for H4 for my wife and kid and my wife and kid went for visa interview on March 6-7 and the H4 was refused with 221(g). We have been living together since April 2016 now. I have been asked to submit the documents proving relationship along with the passport to the nearest vfs location. I might have to come to US for project work in next few weeks and would like my family to accompany me. H4 221(g) states that I need to provide following kind of documentation to prove relationship: Pictures shot Call logs Other documents Picture shot - I have lot of pictures from Feb 2016 to Dec 2017, I can have them printed with date time shown on the picture Call logs - I have WhatsApp chat logs right from the first message that was sent to me in Feb 2015. As for the phone call logs I was able to get call logs from the phone company only for past 6 months and there is one small hitch in the call logs, my wife is using my number and I am using my mom's number. With that being said the call log statements have my name and my mom's name. Other documents - I have bank statement for a bank account opened in Jan 2017 with both my name and wife's name. We don't have many transactions on it though. Me and wife have been investing in mutual funds since Jan 2017 and have both of our names on mutual fund statements.
  8. boomjosh2007

    What if I don't respond to I-485 RFE?

    PD is current but my employer is not ready to give a employment verification letter unless I am on their US payroll, as of now I am on their India payroll.
  9. Hi, I am outside US because of some personal issues and will not be able to come back to US at least for a year. I got approvals on I-140 (EB1C) and subsequent RFE on I-485 while I am outside US. I consulted my company's immigration attorney and he advised that I do my best to come back to US and reply for RFE and if that's not possible I just don't respond to I-485 RFE which which will essentially close my I-485. Once I am back in US I can re-apply for I-485 afresh needless to say I need to be with the same employer who filed my I-140 which I am. I have EAD/AP valid till July 2017 and H1b valid till July 2019. Is it really safe to let the i-485 RFE go and not reply without jeopardizing my Green Card process? Any other suggestions? Please help Thanks
  10. Thanks man really appreciate your response. I am working with the same employer in their India office and unless there are lay-offs or I decide to leave I think the job is available on an on-going basis, keeping my fingers crossed on that. Though I already have AP till 2017 I am more inclined towards refiling the AOS once back in US, need to add my spouse. Good thing is my H1 is valid till July 2019. Any idea how much time it takes for my case to get transferred to NVC and finally to Mumbai consulate, in short what's the total time for me to get the GC stamp if I go the consular processing route? Either ways - consular processing or refiling of AOS is it a good idea to involve the lawyer? Please advice.
  11. can anybody please help on this?
  12. boomjosh2007

    EB1C I-140 delay and answer to case query

    Just to clear the confusion I am starting a new thread for this post, you can reply here or on the new post.
  13. My I-140 (EB1C) and I-485 were filed concurrently. My I-140 got approved in first week of September and I got a RFE for I-485 few days back, I think the rfe might be related to medical reports (not yet received the rfe to my address) since my medical reports are more than a year old. I am not in the US currently and would like to know my options. I might not be able to move to US at least for a year or so because of some personal issues. What is the right course of action in this case? Since my I-140 is in EB1C which is current for most of the time, can I withdraw my I-485, I-131 and I-765 and apply for it once I am able to move back to US? Any advice on this will be highly appreciated. Thanks
  14. boomjosh2007

    EB1C I-140 delay and answer to case query

    Thanks for the reply. Any idea how time it takes for consular processing and what's the process to get it converted to consular processing? I have AP valid till Sept 2017 and H1 valid till July 2019, I hope I can use H1 to enter till July 2019? What if I withdraw I-485, I-131 and I-765? Since EB1C is almost always current I can apply for AOS on my return to the states? If you think withdrawing is a better option how do I withdraw it? Please advise.
  15. boomjosh2007

    EB1C I-140 delay and answer to case query

    Hi, Apologies for a late reply. I had my I-140 EB1C and I-485 files concurrently my I-140 got approved in first week of September and got an rfe for I-485. The thing is I am stuck in India because of some personal issues and will not be able to come to US at least for a year. What do you think my options are as far as the I-485 is concerned? Since I have an approved I-140 in EB1 can I withdraw my I-484, I-131, I-765 and file them once I am back in US? Confused and not sure what would be the best course of action. Can you please help?