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  1. wizkid

    November Bulletin: Lets track EB Approvals

    Guys, My PD date is July 31, 2007, which became current in Nov. 2011. EAD approved in Jan. 2012. Still says 'Initial Review' for 1-485. No RFE yet. Texas Processing Center. I am tired of seeing people with much later PDs getting approvals. Is anyone else in a similar situation? Since the dates retrogressed to Aug. 15, 2007. has anyone with pending 1-485 before this date got approvals? Also, is it true that people like me may have to wait until Oct. 2012, when visa numbers become available, though my PD remains current?
  2. wizkid

    November Bulletin: Lets track EB Approvals

    My priority date is July 31, 2007 Filed 485 on Nov 1st...receipt date Nov. 6....finger printing done on Dec. 15 and EAD/AP received on Jan. 4th....however, waiting since then almost 3 months and no word on the green card....checking case status regularly...it says "initial review" still....no RFE too....please suggest what should I do?
  3. wizkid

    Mumbai - Visa Dates Availibility

    I confirmed with VFS - for H1B renewal only, (same class of visa which is currently valid or has expired within the past 12 months) - you can use the same HDFC receipt, same DS-160 (even if it shows Mumbai) and go to any other consulate fro stamping.
  4. wizkid

    Mumbai - Visa Dates Availibility

    goodluckishere Mumbai was never listed under available dates... it has been two weeks now...One night, only one date (Nov. 29) opened up for a few minutes...and since then Mumbai has not been listed yet.
  5. wizkid

    Mumbai - Visa Dates Availibility

    I stay in New York so it is Eastern Time Zone. I saw Nov. 29 date open up at 11:30PM (EST) so 10AM India time. But that was on Sunday (11/13). Yesterday (11/14), I din't see any dates open at all. Hope this helps.
  6. wizkid

    Mumbai - Visa Dates Availibility

    Yes, I was constantly checking last night - only Nov. 29 opened up for Mumbai and was available for quite some time and then in the morning it was gone....I am not sure if more dates will be released today as the consulate is shut from Nov. 15 to Nov. 19.
  7. wizkid

    Mumbai - Visa Dates Availibility

    It is a complete mystery as to why Nov. 21 onward dates are not opening up in Mumbai....I have been checking for the dates for the past week and a half, but in vain....The consulate is closed from Nov. 15 to Nov. 18, as it is relocating to the new location (BKC)....most people are taking appointments in other consulates such as Delhi, Hyderbad and Chennai.....Let's hope some
  8. wizkid

    Mumbai - Visa Dates Availibility

    Yes. I think you have to submit one of the copies of the HDFC receipt, along with other required docs to VFS three working days in advance of your appt.
  9. wizkid

    Mumbai - Visa Dates Availibility

    Guys, was anyone able to book appointments in Mumbai?? I was checking last night and it shows Delhi and Chennai dates when you put in Mumbai....anyone else notice this change? I tried calling VFS helpline but they are shut for Veterans Day.
  10. wizkid

    Mumbai - Visa Dates Availibility

    Dates are available in Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai and Kolkota but have not yet opened up in Mumbai for the week of Nov. 21st. I am not sure which website you are looking at.
  11. wizkid

    H1-B Stamping Mumbai for December 2011

    December dates will probably open up in the last two weeks of November ...I would wait till then,...no use trying to see December dates now...as dates are opening up just a week before!
  12. wizkid

    Rules for canceling visa appointment

    Below is from the vfs website: You can cancel your appointment only two times. After the second cancellation your HDFC Visa Fee Receipt is deactivated for 90 calendar days. You will not be able to book another appointment until the 90 days have passed. You can cancel your visa interview appointment up to two business days before your appointment unless your interview appointment is scheduled at the U.S. Consulate General, Mumbai. If your appointment is at the U.S. Consulate General, Mumbai you can cancel your appointment up to four business days before the appointment Were you able to get a date in Mumbai? I am trying from the last three days but no dates are showing up at all??
  13. Is anyone trying to book visa dates in Mumbai for November? I am trying for the past three days and there are absolutely no dates showing up. Please suggest!
  14. wizkid

    H1B Visa Renewal (3rd time)

    Guys....good news see below for VFS-Mumbai just released this on their website: August 12, 2011 U.S. CONSULATE GENERAL, MUMBAI RESUMES H AND L VISA PROCESSING The U.S. Consulate General, Mumbai is pleased to announce the resumption of interviews in Mumbai for H and L visas. The H and L visa categories are petition-based and enable a beneficiary to work legally in the United States. In 2010, Indians applicants received 65 percent of all H1B visas issued worldwide. The Consulate will open the appointment schedule on August 26, 2011; the first interview appointments available are on September 6, 2011. All interviews will be conducted at the Lincoln House Consulate building, located at 78, Bhulabhai Desai Road, until further notice.