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  1. Hey njdude, Where can I find list of documents that need to be submitted to VFS? If it is not listed, can you please tell me what all docs did you submit? Thanks, Panachakkal
  2. Hello Raj, I had interview on the same day as you, just checking to see if you had any luck tracking your passport yet. Please let me know, I am waiting to hear from them too. Thanks, Panachakkal
  3. Panachakkal

    Visa Stamping @ Vancouver

    First of all I want to thank everyone who has contributed to this forum that has helped me prepare for my H1 visa extension- 8th year with I-140 approval. I work as a FTE for a major software company, I agree with myVisa14 comment that it is much easier to get visa stamped in Vancouver than in India Interview date-10th Nov Took about one and half hour for security clearance and fingerprinting etc. Interview probably lasted about 3-4 mins Questions/Comments Can I have your passport and I-797? 1) How long have you been on H1? 2) Where do you live? 3) Oh, that is close to your office, I did my elementary schooling there 4) Do you happen to have your I-140 reciept copy? 5) Your visa is approved, will take 2/3 business days I asked if she is going to need the I-797 also, and she said yes, and gave me instructions on how to collect my docs.
  4. Hi indiaeb2, I haven't got any information regarding who to send email for PIMS verification. If you have any info let me know. My attorney told that it is a consular process and we do not need to do anything, but I am not sure. My interview is also on Nov 10th. Where are u flying from? email me @ vijee7******* extension.
  5. rpms, Can you please let me know, which email address did you use for your PIMS verification request, and what information besides passport number/Visa Receipt number did you sent? I have an appointment on Nov 10th at Vancouver Thanks, Panachakkal
  6. Panachakkal

    Can a submitted DS-160 amended?

    I have submitted my DS-160 to Vancouver consulate, and made an appointment for interview on Nov 10th. Does anyone had made amendments to DS-160 after submission? What is the process involved? Thanks for your help guys!
  7. Panachakkal

    Successfull Visa Stamping at Montreal Canada

    Dude, congrats! Did you send your documents before the interview?
  8. I have an appointment for visa stamping coming up, was wondering if anybody knows if the consulates contact employer/s before issuing visa. Any help would be very much appreciated Thanks,
  9. Hello, any body who recently went for stamping at Vancouver, please reply......
  10. Hi, I am planning to visit Canada for my stamping as well. Could you please send me your email/ ph no ? Thanks

  11. Hi all, I have scheduled an appointment for visa stamping at US consulate in Vancouver on Nov 10, do I need to send documents prior to the interview date? Any recent Vancouver stampers help would be really appreciated Thanks.
  12. Panachakkal

    Old Passport Number on H1 application

    There is no passport number in I797
  13. My H1 was renewed using old passport number; since then I had to get my passport reissued because of appearance difference. Will that cause any problem for H1 stamping in Matamoras as a Third Country National? Your answers would help me decide if I should go to Matamoras or my home country for stamping Thanks in advance
  14. Panachakkal

    Tijuana Visa Experience

    Hi, I assume this was an H1 renewal. If so, where did you get your original H1 visa stamped? Was it in India? The Tijuana website says this "Applicants who obtained their current visa in a country other than that of their legal residence" Does that mean, if my original H1 visa is stamped in Mexico, I can not go there for renewal?
  15. Panachakkal

    Is original I-140 required for H1B visa stamping

    Thank you for all the responses!!