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  1. Hi Rashee, Congrats on your visa stamping. Could you please provide me your email/ ph no where I can reach you. I am trying to book for my stamping in Nov. Thanks

  2. 1) I donno how it works with 221G . If you get 221 G with your visa not cancelled , you might be able to enter US. I think VO will cancel your old visa if you receive 221G. It also supports the fact that when you get the new visa, it will start from your appointment date till dd date. Again, I am not 100% sure . 2) Kind of weird and would advise you not to go for stamping this year. You can get another 221 ; sorry :( 3) Cannot answer this. Only benefit is that you will be with your family and friends to guide you and help you in India . I know someone who got stuck for a year in Canada ; good that the client let him work from Canada since there's a Company Office in Canada as well.
  3. Rashee

    Successful Visa Renewal at Ottawa

    @ rashiars Thank you ! My H1 was approved in July end. My attorney told me that since the company is not new and is in very good standing - I will not have any PIMS issue. I would say give atleast one and half month from the H1 approval date to the appointment date so that the status is updated everywhere. He(VO) didn't ask me many questions. I believe they do their verifications prior to the appointment and if you have been here also for a long time the risk is less. They will ask more qs and will need more verifications for status change visas(F1- H1, H4-H1 etc). Mine is EVC model. Docs and qs asked were Tax returns, I797, LCA's, job description. Also, take every documentation you can think of. It's good it have it with you rather than a faxing/emailing them later. Also, have couple passport size pictures as well with you . Let me know if you need additional info. Good luck to you and everyone going for visa stamping .
  4. Rashee

    Successful Visa Renewal at Ottawa

    @ EKN Raju If you are planning for visa stamping in Canada get the appointment in a Canadian Consulate first . You will have to check what appointments dates are avaialable . October 2011 is pretty near and i doubt you will get any appointment date that early unless someone cancels/postpones their appointment. To schedule an appnmt. http://usvisa-info.com/en-CA/selfservice/ss_country_welcome You don't need canadian visa to book an appointment
  5. Rashee

    Successful Visa Renewal at Ottawa

    @ ramauto you will get Canadian visitors visa on the basis of your new I797 ; (ur visa expiration will not matter) I did not do anything for PIMS verification ; talk to your company attorney and find out if a copy was being sent to KCC . If your consulting company is old...like for atleast 10 years and in good record , PIMS will not be a problem. You cannot yorself do anything about it other than ask your employer/company attorney etc and get information .
  6. Rashee

    Successful Visa Renewal at Ottawa

    Sorry guys..here it is EVC Model Carried all required documents you can think of . In addition , I had - Employer to Vendor contract - Vendor to Client agreements - Client Letter Qs asked. - I797 and LCA's (I had LCA ammendments). - What do you do and how long u been with ur employer - Do you often change clients and how long you are with this client . - How long do you have project with this client ? - Show me ur Tax returns .
  7. I went for Visa Stampng on 19th and the passport was ready for pick up the same day. Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be glad to help.
  8. Hi All, I have been reading some topics in this Forum where VO has taken the I797 (for verification or administratiove processing etc.) . Please correct me if I am wrong. - When visa gets approved , I797 must be returned to the H1-B candidate right? - Is there any other Original document which needs to be submitted but not returned.
  9. My 2 cents - I think you are suppossed to carry your I-140 approval copy for your renewal stamping after 6th year. (That's more important if you have 2/3 years renewal based on your I140 approval) If a VO wants to verify every information from their system; it will take weeks/months. Based on your description, I guess your stay would have been avoided if you had a I140 approval copy. Good luck !