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  1. OFLC has released latest PERM data.

    Foreign Labor Certification Disclosure File List


    I did some analysis and this is what I found from PERM data,

    total PERM processed:11352

    certified: 9531 (84%)

    denied: 1274 (11%)

    withdrawn: 547 (5%)

    but from the PERM factsheet (http://www.foreignlaborcert.doleta.g...eet_dec_11.pdf) released as of 01/03/2012 the numbers shared were:

    total PERM processed:12400

    certified: 9500

    denied: 2400

    withdrawn: 500

    I am not sure why there is discrepancy in numbers.

    Thank you for the information.

  2. Hi all, I assume that to travel to Canada you needed a visa? how long did the visitor's visa to Canada take?

    You need a Visa to Travel to Canada. If you live close to canadian embassy you can walk in and get the visa. Otherwise send them your documents and you should get it back with visa in it.


    passport, I-797

    Bank statements

    emloyer letter

    A letter telling your intention - Mine was to visit Niagara or Us Embassy for Visa

  3. Hey Dude, I also interviewed on the same day. I didn't get any email about my passport. Airway bill number isn't ready either. Have you already got your passport? If you are in Toronto, let me know if can meet up or talk on phone.



    Please check the email. Once you receive email please call DHL/ Loomis Express, you can contact them and find out if you can pick up your passport. Dont wait till something shows up on the canada us-visa info website. My case is still not updated by I already have passport and back in US.

    I received email from Loomis Express. You will find your way bill # in that email.


  4. I have MS in USA. Second time H1B stamping as I changed employer.

    We should tell the officers at the border to take I-94 when leaving. They did not take mine while entering canada. I submitted I-94 while returning to USA and got new one.

    In the same way you should request them for New I-94 when entering back in USA.

  5. pls share ur interview?

    10/11/2011 @ 8:00 AM – My appointment was at 8:45 Am

    I drove to the consulate and parked my car in public parking right opposite to the embassy. I even dropped my keys in the public parking as we are not supposed to take any electronics in to the consulate.

    I went in they took my passport and asked to stand in line where they collected my I797 and photo and gave me a token.

    They asked me to take picture again as they needed picture with bright white background.

    Carry $10 Canadian in case they ask you to take photo again.

    My number was called and they took my fingerprints.

    Later I was called to the counter and they asked me.

    What do you do?

    Which company?

    How is it related to what I have studied in MS?

    It took 2 min and they told my visa was approved and gave me a paper to track the passport with DHL.

    I was out by 9:30 AM

    I picked Brampton for Passport pick up.

    On 10/12/2011 I received email at 7:30 that my passport was picked up by DHL by is not ready for pick up yet.

    Waiting for the status to change so that I can pick up my passport

    Good luck I have seen some folks get grilled for 5-10 min.

    I-797, passport, paystubs, employer letter, paystubs, H1B packet, bank statements, certificates.

    I Hope this helps.