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  1. peppermint

    I94 extension after passport renewal

    My attorney advised to file new h4 extension and he is doing it. Let me know if you find different options.
  2. Did you find out how to handle this? I am in same situation, any information regarding this would greatly help me. Thank you!
  3. Hello, This is for H4 spouse visa, I-797 expires: 06/05/2020 Visa expires: 06/05/2020 Passport expires: 02/26/2019 I94 expires : 02/26/2019 Once we get the new passport, what is the procedure to get the I94 date extended? Is it necessary to get it extended since the Visa is valid till 06/05/2020 which is the I797 expiration date? Please guide me on this.
  4. peppermint

    Port of entry issues on B1/B2 visa

    My mother and Brother's family with three kids have plans to come to USA on visitor visa B1/B2 in mid april 2017. I heard about the issues for H1B and GC holders denied entry at port of entry. Has anyone heard of same issues for visitors as well?
  5. Yes, the renewal criteria does not say anything explicitly about H1B, thats why I got this question. Is there anybody who did H1B renewal after Sept 23(the new visa stamping process), please help me?
  6. My H1B visa got through employer X expired on 2010, in 2009 I have transferred my H1B to employer Y and got married. My wife's H4 visa was through employer Y and expired in 2012 Jan. In Nov 2012 we are going to India for vacation and will have to get the visas renewed. With the new visa interview processing, it looks like I don't need to appear for interview both for my wife and for me. Is there anybody have experience? Please guide me. I read all the requirements for renewal and I can answer yes for all the questions, Please guide me whether I'm doing right or not. I referred the renewal criteria here http://www.ustraveld...v-visarenew.asp