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  1. Thank you pantevecchio for Kind Response. they are not running my payroll but they still say i am an active employee. But they are not restricting me to go. but still i am worried about future issues OR i can take another job as a second job (Since in GC we can work on a multiple jobs) Thanks
  2. Hello All , My GC is approved end of Jan 2021. (After Clearing the RFE in November). I lost my Contract in Feb 2021 Middle. (Still with same company but not getting paid since its a contract job). My Lawyer is not recommending to change the job for Next 180 Days. Is there anyway i can move to another Company or different Employer this time ? Thanks, Raj
  3. RjRoots

    Advance Parole renewal

    Did you get any response ?
  4. RjRoots

    Advance Parole renewal

    I am on Same Boat and I did apply April 18 th 2019. More then 6.5 months. No Response Yet
  5. RjRoots

    AOS EAD Renewal Post 180 days

    I am on the Same Boat now and its been 5.5 months since i applied my EAD/AP Renewal. Any updates on your side ? Rj
  6. My Case is not updated yet. It's been 5.5 Months Since I ve applied. As per the USCIS Statistics. Minimum from 2.5 months to Max 6 months Based on the Approvals. Thanks, RJ
  7. RjRoots

    New Rule and Supplement J

    Hello Every one ! I am on the Same boat , I took the first job using my EAD ... I talk to my attorney and said not necessary (Dont have to) this time to file supplement "J". and not necessary for my EAD Renewal as well , Guess may need it for some spacial categories. But its not a Legal advise from me personally. cases might be different so. Pls Any Murthy Attorney can answer this ?
  8. Hello Everyone , I am on the Same Boat. " An EAD Card and Advance Parole issued based on an I-485 are generally valid as long as the I-485 is pending with USCIS. If someone has the EAD/AP but has not used them, the person is still generally in the status held before getting the EAD/AP. " As per Attorney_15 .My Understanding/Guess is we may need process the Labor/I140 Again and H1 Transfer as well. Please correct me if i am wrong. Thanks, Raja
  9. We are on the same boat. !!! We don't know what to do and typically finger printing notice will arrive in 3 to 4 Weeks. of course we can do the medical test in September. Hope its safe to travel after giving the finger print. we can reschedule the finger print after the receiving the notice but skipping the finger printing is a big issue and we may need to reapply the process again. I am seeing in forum some people did the finger printing before the finger print appointment notice due to the vacation plans.but i am not sure better we can consult an attorney. Please help us if anyone knows this process well..Thanks in Advance !!! Raja
  10. I am on the same Boat ! ............... for my self in 2012 got my finger print in 2 to 3 weeks later. not sure about the situation now, I am pretty sure she or he should be there at the time of finger print we may post pond(reschedule it) but if you miss the finger printing, its a big issue we may need to redo the application process again. That's all i know off and ... Experts Please help us. Thanks in Advance ... Raja
  11. Guys Any updates for anyone ????
  12. Hello Attorney_11 , Thnks for the reply. Believe it a bit complecated topic and cases may vary by individual cases.even its very tough to understand law and different attny's haveing different opinion. I am on the Same Boat , My H1B and My Wife's H4 both aproved until May 2017. I filed my I485 and got EAD/AP Valid until June 2016.(My Wife not filed her I485 i married her after filiing so she is on H4 and i am using my H1 for the employment - Also my last entry was with H1B) Planning for a trip in Jan 2015 Obvious things my wife have to go for H4 stamping and come back using H4. for my self i am planning to use the EAD/AP to enter USA. and continue working with H1B. As per your explanation i will be in the Parolee status , Is there any way i can change the status becasue my I94 will be valid until June 2017. Thanks, Raja
  13. Krishna ...No response yet ....same old Status still.
  14. its Not Current , My PD 15th Sep 2009. But got RFE on the Medical fitness i replied the RFE and my status now is RFE Document Review.