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  1. mumbai007

    H4 EAD is it Valid

    Hello All, I am asking this question for my spouse. My H1B transfer was denied in June but found another employment whose petition got approved, hence putting me back on status. But for my spouse I did not get her H4 application in along with mine but her H4 and EAD from my previous employement was valid till Dec 2018. So the question is that her EAD is still valid and can she continue her employment Thanks
  2. mumbai007

    H4 Service Center Issue

    Hello All, My situation is little unique, i know many who have done H1 Extension (initially I129 itself is Premium) + H1 to H4 COS + H4 EAD. In this scenario I assume all 3 application packages go together to the same service center (SC). But since my H1b extension was already filed and now i am trying to convert it to premium processing + parallely filing i539 for my wife COS + H4 EAD. have any of you guys gone through this scenario? Uscis states that if H4 EAD is filed along with 539 the adrdress is decided by 539 instructions. and if 539 is filed along with i129 for h1 extension then SC is decided by H1B extension SC. Ultimately all 3 go to the same service center. But if COS + EAD is being tagged now while doing just premium for earlier filed H1B, then what happens?? Please guys if anyone is aware and gone through the same situation, please let me know?
  3. mumbai007

    URGENT H1 to H4 questions.

    Hello All, I am on H1 status and trying to come to H4 by filing a COS but with the current processing times + expecting delays due to new fiscal year filings. I have the below questions.. 1. After filing H1 to H4 COS, if its taking a long time for approval then can i go to India to get H4 stamped while my application is still pending in US. Is this a valid way of getting a H4? 2. Can i withdraw my COS application if i ever decide to stay on H1b? Would appreciate your inputs on this
  4. mumbai007

    Change Client Letter After Filing

    Attorney_21 & jairichi .. thank you so much..
  5. Hello All, I filed my H1B extension in July 2015 and my application is still in progress. Now i want to upgrade it to Premium Processing, but my question is can I change any document i provided earlier, while I upgrade it to premium?? To be more clear - the initial application was filed and the end client letter I provided stated that my contract is only till May 2016. But right now my contract is extended and can go till end of 2017/2018 too. So Can i provide a revised end client letter with a new contract end date while i upgrade my application to Premium. Just a FYI that I have not changed the client, so the revised letter is with the same client at the time of initial filing. Guys would appreciate if you have any information or insights on this. Have a good day
  6. Hello, My H1 is expiring this Oct and my spouse's H4 as well. But I am planning a new H1 for her this April, so when her H1 application is still pending or in RFE status come Oct then is she out of status since her H4 is expiring? Or will she be fine since her H1B application is still pending with USCIS? Also worst scenario if her H1 is rejected does she have to step out of the country and get a new H4 to come back or can that be done while staying here in USA. Please let me know on this, any replies/suggestions are most welcome..... Regards...
  7. mumbai007

    H4 to H1 COS

    Nope i think you have to wait till oct to start working. but a quick question on your application that did you show any client letter as a supporing document for your H1 petition? Please let me know on this as my spouse is in a similar situation too. Thanks..
  8. Hello All, Since my I94 is expiring this July (2012) I need to step out of the country to get a new I94. My H1 is valid and stamped till Oct 2013, so can’t even file for renewal as I am not in the 6 month timeframe here hence only option to get a new I94 is depart out of country and re-enter. This is where I thought of visiting to Canada (by land) through any of the bridges near Niagara Falls. But the below info from U.S. Customs says that they don’t issue any new I94’s for short visits (less than 30 days) to Canada or Mexico. Also I heard off some other news from Canada Immigration perspective is that they necessarily don’t take any I94’s from visitors coming into Canada on a Visitor Visa. http://www.cbp.gov/xp/cgov/travel/id_visa/i-94_instructions/filling_out_i94.xml So guys if anyone has been to Canada (strictly by land) through any of the Niagara Falls Bridge’s and got a new I94 please let me know. Or any suggestions from your known one’s will also help me a lot.. Thanks…. Amchi Mumbai….
  9. mumbai007

    I-140 filed in June-July 2011

    Hi Inviteyour and the rest of the followers of this thread. Some people who follow this particular thread may recognize me (case was approved recently) but the reason me coming again is that i need some quidence. So cant find a better place to post my Question My I140 with Company A is approved (approved this month) and i have a fulltime opportunity with company B too but really dont know to go for it or not becuase the company B is not commiting as to when he will start my new GC . He says he will do it quickly once i am on-board but nothing on paper that what is the timeline as to when he will file it. so my question is for EB2 India the PD is as of May 2010 and i am 10 months away from filing 485 (if i stay with A). So what do u think will the PD move fast again like it did in the recent 4 months or will it retrogress . If anyone has read this please leave your opinions as it really matters to me... Thanks Curious Case of Mumbai007
  10. mumbai007

    Received I-140 Copy from USCIS using FOIA

    Hello Thanks for letting us know that there is a way to get that approved I140 but would be even more great help to know how long it took for you to get that? Thanks and appreciate your post.
  11. mumbai007

    I140 Retaining Priority Date

    Hello All, I recently got my I140 approved and may have the need to do change companies and retain my priority date (PD) as well. So technically from documentation perspective how do i retain my PD?? Do i need a I140 approval copy to retain my PD? I also asked my employer who is not OK in giving me a copy of my I140 so any suggestions of how to get it from USCIS? Any help is highly appreciated guys.. Thanks
  12. Hi All, I am also in the same situation and as per my attorney, we can either apply for H1B (which means any H1B application like a renewal or transfer) can get you a new I94 or the other way would be to step out of USA and come back with a new I94. Thanks....
  13. mumbai007

    I-140 filed in June-July 2011

    Yes my case was showing online since they filed so check with your attorney as they would be able to call USCIS and find out why your case is not showing up online too. Calls to USCIS can be either made by the petitioner or the attorney i guess so chase them and have them call those guys ....
  14. mumbai007

    I-140 filed in June-July 2011

    My case got approved today...... Received Date: 10/18/2011 Category : EB2 Service Center: Texas Type of Processing: Regular Status: Approved I wish good luck to others.... Thanks....
  15. mumbai007

    I-140 filed in June-July 2011

    Hello all, First of all thanks to inviteyour for starting this great thread.... we need something like this to get the exact pulse rate... haha.. anyways below are my details... Received Date: 10/18/2011 Category : EB2 Service Center: Texas Type of Processing: Regular Status: Initial Review... Also going through all the replies on this very thread i see some of you are talking about converting the case to PP. R u all sure if we can do that? The last time i checked wid ma employer he told me that we cant file I140 in premium unless it has a very good reason. So what qualifies to convert our case to PP (Premium Processing) and can we do that for I140? Thanks ......