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  1. natr_2002

    I-140 Information

    Follow up question on that please, what would happen if the priority date become current before the new employer could start the Labor again can we still apply for I-4185 as long as the date is before the current priority date as long as it doesn't retrogess again?
  2. Hi, I'm currently on H1B(expires Oct 2021) with I-140 approved( in 2011) from employer A and i have been offered a new role with employer B and they agreed to do H1B transfer and after an year of employment they would start the GC process so if i'm not mistaken employer B has to file a new Labor along with new I-140 which i can port the priority date to this and my question is if my priority date becomes current before they start the new Labor do i miss the window to apply for I-485 altogether or i can still apply for I-485 once i have the Labor approved. I have been with employer A for past 13 years with not much growth and my priority date is Jan 2011 and finally i made up my mind to switch to a new employer in hope of good prospects and a better life etc, i'm worried if there was a slight delay in employer B starting my Labor and if i will miss the opportunity to file my I-485 before that. Can someone please advise.
  3. natr_2002

    H4 EAD expiry date question

    Hi, Iam planning to apply for H4 EAD for my wife as i have an approved I-140. Currently my H1B expires this Oct,2015 and my company already got the approved H1/H4 extension till Oct 2018. My question is if i apply for the H4 EAD in Aug will the H4 EAD be issues until Oct2015 or Oct2018 as the new I94 which starts from Oct2015-Oct2018. Can you please confirm. But i will be sending copies of the H1/H4 extension approval notices too. Thanks.
  4. natr_2002

    Expired visa not cancelled

    Hi all, I recently attended visa stamping in chennai and got approved, when i receive my passport i saw that my previous(expired) visa was not cancelled( cancelled without prejudice seal), i see my new visa on a new page. Is that ok or i should contact them to cancel my previous visa. Please advise.
  5. natr_2002

    H1B Processing -Vermont Service Center

    Hi all, Mine got approved yesterday .finally. All the very best for others waiting for approval !! My details: VSC - Regular H1B May 10th - Receipt Date.
  6. natr_2002

    H1B Processing -Vermont Service Center

    VSC - Regular H1B May 10th - Receipt Date.(On May 10, 2012, we received this I129 PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER) Status: Still Initial Review Is something wrong, should i ask our lawyers to contact USCIS or i should wait for a week or two. Please advise.
  7. natr_2002

    H1-H4 extension filed in JULY

    Hi, My case (H1 -H4 ext) was filed on May 7th, Still in Initial Review. Keeping my fingers crossed :(
  8. Receipt Date: May 7th Processing: Regular Center : VSC Type: H1 Extn Status: Initial Review