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  1. Hi Everyone, I completed my MS from US in 2007 and have been on H1B since then. My company filed for my green card in EB2 and I have a priority date of April 2012. Given the long wait to get a green card, my company is willing to do whatever it takes to move my application to EB1 but we dont have any foreign offices that they can move me as a manager so they've asked me to explore other options and just reading online and on this forum, I haven't really found any viable options. Has anyone had any success with porting from EB2 to EB1 and wouldnt mind sharing any details, I would really appreciate it.
  2. deepakchaurasia

    Employer asking to pay H1B fees via creative wording

    6 months from what, the H1B filing date? Even if they agree, that still leaves the GC cost intact because of the decade it is going to take.
  3. My current employer sent me a letter asking me to sign to agree that if I leave within 2 years of them filing for my H1B and anytime before 2 years of my GC approval, I would have to pay them damages equaling to the portion of the fees they paid that is not protected by law. It clearly states that they are not asking me to refund any H1B fees per say because that is illegal, only damages equivalent to the parts that are not protected by the law, including filing fees, education and experience evaluation fees (if applicable), the costs of applying for an advance parole and employment authorization document, the costs associated with applying for family member’s permanent residence, and all attorney’s fees. Under no circumstances will the foreign national be required to pay or reimburse the Company for the costs to prepare, file or obtain the Labor Certification because the law precludes the foreign national from paying these fees. There's a similar line for H1B. Since it is going to take decades for my priority date to become current, I may have to switch jobs between now and then. What do I do now? Since there are so few people hiring H1B these days and I actually do like working here, I don't want to leave now so what are my options really?
  4. deepakchaurasia

    PIMS update issue

    Hi, I am planning to drive down to Mexico in 2 weeks to get my H1B visa stamped. I recently changed jobs and had my H1B visa transferred to my new employer but the lawyer did not file a duplicate copy for PIMS processing. It has been almost 5 months but she is not sure if it would have updated or not. I don't want to spend any more time in Mexico than I have to. Do any of you know if 5 months is enough time for it to update in the PIMS database or is there a way to verify or have them push it through now. The attorney is not very helpful in this regard and simply says there is nothing she can do now. If there is a delay, does anyone know how long usually. I searched through the forums and found old threads but not sure if 5 months is enough time for it to update or should I be worried? Thanks in advance.