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  1. Appreciate your inputs, You’re the best! Thank you!
  2. Any updates please?

  3. @pontevecchio I've always appreciated your inputs on several threads, including mine. Can you please advise in this regard? Thank you!
  4. Hi, I have a prior approved I-140 in EB3 category with 2009 Priority date from employer A. I moved to a similar job with Employer B and they filed a new PERM and I-140 approval in EB2 category with 2019 priority date. Employer B recently received I-140 approval with priority date of 2019. I was expecting my current employer B to have requested porting (recapture) of 2009 date. Not sure where the lapse was, but my latest employer B’s I-140 has a 2019 instead of 2009 PD. I have reached out to my employer attorney for clarification. What are my options now to proceed with I-485 filing? 1. Have my employer B work with USCIS and fix the priority date on my Latest I-140? This may take few months and I am not in a state to wait for it, as it would impact my spouses employment. 2. Go ahead and apply I-485, with a cover letter clearly stating to port my EB3 2009 priority date to current EB2 2019 filing for employer B? 3. Any other options that I may be missing? Please advise, Thank you
  5. Hi, I would appreciate your advise on my situation below: I have an approved LC and I-140 with Company A (Priority date: May 2009) in EB3 India (According to Oct Bulletin "Dates for Filing chart" - EB3 India is 1st Oct 2009) I quit Company A and joined Company B in Apr 2017 (Company B has not filed either LC or I-140 so far) What is the best way to file my EAD/I-485 concurrently, considering I am with Employer B at this time? Thank you for your time.
  6. h1transferboy

    H1B extension beyond 6 years using I140 from previousemployer

    I am in similar situation and would appreciate if someone has an update on this. Thanks!
  7. h1transferboy

    Employer NOT giving copy of PERM form 9089 - Help!!

    Thanks JoeF, appreciate your inputs.
  8. h1transferboy

    Employer NOT giving copy of PERM form 9089 - Help!!

    Thanks for the response. The original is anyways submitted to Department of Labor (DoL). All I am asking for is a "copy" of it. It was never shared with me, even when they filed for I-140. Does one not even have the right to see how his/her PERM application was filed with DoL?
  9. Hi All, I work for a Fortune 500 company. Our company attorneys say that they cannot provide the "copy of the 9089", as the employer has not authorized them to release that to employees. Since Form 9089 includes information specific to my job experiences, etc, I believe a copy of this should be shared by the employer. Does anyone know if it is legal for Employers to hold onto the copy of 9089 form? I doubt, if it is, since some of my other friends have received a copy of this form from their employers. Is there any reference on USCIS website or other official website that I can show my lawyers and ask for the copy of the form? Appreciate your inputs. Thank you!