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  1. Hi, My Wife is on O1 visa and we plan to apply for COS to H4 as her O1 is expiring next year. We will apply for H4EAD as well. 1) IS current COS time > 4 months 2) Can she get stamping in Canada or we need to to go to India for H4 stamping
  2. My Opinion is different from t75. Getting someone to sponsor you for a job even if you are exceptional is difficult ( other than IT :)) . My wife though exceptional in her field found it difficult to get a job but after getting her O1 approved she had multiple job offers lined up. You should surely talk to a lawyer most do the initial review for free or may be charge 200-300$ which will be worth it. Getting an application ready for O1/EB1 is time consuming.
  3. quantbuff

    O1 Visa Information

    Did you read my Question? I am not asking if she was qualified of not. Anyways as she got her Visa I guess she is qualified..
  4. quantbuff

    O1 Visa Information

    Hi All, My wife filed for an O1 Visa one day after her OPT ended. Its already 4 Weeks and and application is in Initial review. How long my wife can stay in the country before she needs to leave ?
  5. It seems this has become a commonplace activity ABUSING CPT. Poeple will do anything to remain in US but they don't understand this will come to haunt them in long term. I have seen numerous student just joining a Language school and continue their CPT Idiots!
  6. quantbuff

    Regarding status

    Search on Google this has happened to many poeple. F1 or H1. You just need to wait and keep checking website.
  7. . Even if you didnt get your card there is nothing you can do now. 90Days of UnEmployment .. you are Out of Status! Talk to your DSO
  8. quantbuff

    H4 to F1 while in India

    Agree with T75 get your stamping done before you enter US. Saves you a lot of hassle of COS
  9. Just so as you know COS does not guarantees F1 Stamping. When you go to India and apply for stamping its a completely new application DS160 etc. ( COS might help your case but don't entirely depends on it). Also COS can take a month 6 months or more ( took 6 months for my wife)
  10. If you leave in between your petition will be cancelled. What do you mean when you day planning to go to India to get stamped. So you will go to India and then again apply for F1 ( fill DS160/ app fees etc) and get it stamped ? Why not wait for COS to complete and then go for stamping
  11. Yes you need visa stamp. Going on OPT is always risky. DO you have a job in hand ? or job offer. Personally I have seen many of my friends come back on OPT but everyone had a job lined up
  12. quantbuff

    lost passport while on OPT in India

    Hi All, Just wanted to update. My Wife applied and successfully got F1 Visa while only 2 months were left on her OPT. I hope if anyone else is in this situation he could read this thread. I understand it depends on case by case basis but still its not very difficult to get visa on OPT if you are confident and truthful. Questions:- VO:- Oh you are going to XYZ college. Thats great. How long is the course Wife:- courses started in 2011 and I am on OPT. VO; oh ok. So where are you working on OPT. Wife XYZ company VO: Why came to India Wife:- XYZ reason Dont need any papers visa granted! Thanks
  13. Hi All, I need to find out my options 1) I am currently on OPT and my OPT ends in Feb beginning. I am currently in India and lost my passport, I20, I797 basically all documents What are my options now ? I plan to apply for passport and then re-stamping ( Will it be rejected ? ). I was also panning to apply for O1 visa while in US. Now should I directly apply for O1 visa from India instead of trying for F1 re-stamping ?