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  1. PokerFace

    H1B Stamping Dates in Vancouver, Canada.

    Could you please share the link where you are checking the dates?
  2. Just in case if someone else needs answer to this question. My passport is ready for pick up in Bombay. That took only 3 business days. Did the interview on 12th > Status changed to 'being processed for delivery' on 16th > Status changed to ready for pick up on 17th July. Hope this is helpful for someone. Cheers!
  3. Hello, Did my visa interview in Kolkata on 12th July. I have selected Bombay Visa office for passport pickup. The status is currently -> "Passport has been received from the consular section, and is currently being processed for delivery". Does anyone know if the passport would be ready for pickup on or before Thursday this week? I am planning to book a Friday early morning flight out of Bombay. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for answer, I figured the same and added my i140 case number in DS160. Could you please elaborate on your dual intent comment?
  5. Could someone please answer?
  6. Current situation - Worked in US 7+ years, lost job. I am in India right now for stamping h4. My wife has a valid H1b. While I was working I filed for green card and my i140 is approved, should I mention that in my DS160 or should I leave it blank? I am wondering if that will cause any issues? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.
  7. PokerFace

    H1b to H4 COS question

    Holy **** dude! I read this after I came to India, this would have saved me so much time. Thanks for the tip though, I'll keep this in mind for future. Cheers!
  8. Hello, I lost my job on h1b and couldn't find anything during the 60 days grace period, so I left US before the grace period ended and I am going for h4 stamping next week in Kolkata. About me - I am a male and my wife has valid H1b. I worked in USA for over 7 years and I have my i140 approved. I have all h1b & financial papers of my wife, along with marriage certificate and some photos for the interview. I have a few questions - 1) What kinda questions should I expect at the interview, particularly because I am going from h1b to h4 and I am a male (not being sexist just couldn't find enough information about husbands moving from h1b to h4)? 2) If the interviewer asks me what I plan on doing in US on H4 I am going to tell them that I want to pursue business school and I am going to take a few months break to prepare for that, is that an okay answer? Do I need a different answer? 3) Do I need any documents from my work in US over last few years? 4) While filling DS160 how far back should I go when filling my US entry and exit dates? Thanks in advance!
  9. PokerFace

    H1b to H4 COS question

    Thanks for the response. What do you mean by if PP is available?
  10. PokerFace

    H1b to H4 COS question

    Hi, I lost my job last month, I was on h1b (i140 approved). It has been 5 weeks and I don't think I'll get an offer before 60 days grace period ends. I think going on H4 (my wife has a valid H1b) until I find a job is the right move. Here are my questions - 1) If I file a COS here in US it can take around 4-5 months, what happens if I get a job offer during that time period? Can I still go on and file H1b transfer or do I have to wait till h4 COS is complete? 2) Quickest way to do h1b to h4 change is fly to India (I checked last night and Kolkata has stamping dates within 25 days) and do the stamping. Are there any complications in that process? 3) My last day the the job was 20th April, but the last pay-stub has April 28th date. Which date is considered when counting the grace period? Thanks for the help.