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  1. Yes you can change to another employer (NIW elligible area) Type the following in google search and read the rules for physician national interest waiver-- " Interim guidance for adjudicating national interest waiver (NIW) petitions and related adjustment applications for physicians serving in medically underserved areas in light of Schneider v. Chertoff, 450 F.3d 944 (9th Cir. 2006) (“Schneider decision”) "
  2. I am writing to ask your opinion whether I am subject to the two-year foreign residence requirement, 212(e). I am a physician from India. I arrived in the U.S.in 2009, to participate in residency program in Louisiana. I remained in the residency program only for 12 months. My contract was not extended & I did not complete the entire three years of residency training. I think this requirement is included in law so that the J1 visa acquired citizen will serve the home country with his/her newly acquired skills. I haven't acquired any skill as I didn't complete my program. I have been in J-2 visa status since 2010. My husband is a physician in J-1 visa status. He will complete his residency in July 2013. He has an offer of employment in a physician shortage area and he will apply for a J-1 visa waiver. 1) As I didn't complete the three year residency training, please tell me whether I will still be subject to 212(e) when my husband receives his J-1 waiver. Thank you for your time