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  1. Thank you, AAlien. It was a Merger, not acquisition. Also, I have used the same I-140 (old company name) to extend my H1B Petition. During the extension of H1B for 3 years, my attorney submitted the merger documents. So, I am wondering if they can use the same I-140 for H1B filing, can't the use the same for I-485 filing as well. Please suggest. Thanks agaun.
  2. Experts, please help. I work for Company A. Company A filed my Labor certitication and I-140 and both were approved in 2009. Company A also owned another Company called Company B. After my I-140 approval, Company A and Company B have been merged together as one single entity. The merged entity is named as Company B. Company B is essentially a successor-in-interest for Company A. Since my I-140 was filed and approved under Company A and now the name changed to Company B (after the merger), should I file for a I140 amendment? As of today, my Priority date is current and I am ready to file I-485. I would like to know if I-140 amendment is required to be filed (or) we can provide evidence of Company merger and successor-in-interest. My company attorney says it is better to file I-140 amendment. But, i am thinking it's a waste and time and money. Please suggest. Thanks in advance for ur time.
  3. U can reach me at mgm1456 with google extension.
  4. Yes, u can go for a new H1B while ur previous visa application is pending admin processing. When u appear for a visa interview based on ur new H1B petition, just take a letter with u stating that u would like to withdraw the pending visa application. U do not even need to state this unless VO asks about ur pending application. In most cases, VOs are aware that u have a pending visa application with them. I have seen cases where the VO asks about the pending application and i have also seen cases (including myself) where the VO didn'e ask anything about it.
  5. gcsgc

    H1B amendment With same employer and Different client

    You can take ur latest 3 payslips (which may be as old as 6 months as u r out of work for the past 5 months). If VO asks u about it, u can explain that u attended visa interview 5 months ago and it was refused. Hence, u will be only start working again if gratned a visa based on the new petition. U shouldn;t have any problem not having pay slips for the past 5 months.
  6. Congratulations my friend! Happy to see more people getting Visa stamping done with change in employment to either client or primary vendor.
  7. U should say 'YES', if anyone has filed an immigrant petition. In 'Explain', u can mention the petitioner who filed it and if I-140 is approved.
  8. gcsgc

    Question regarding filling up DS 160

    Thank you all for ur inputs.
  9. gcsgc

    Question regarding filling up DS 160

    Thanks a lot bobby221gblue..
  10. gcsgc

    Question regarding filling up DS 160

    Thanks Sanjiv. Lets keep the attorney name a secret :-). If u look at the new DS160 form, (they had few revisions about a month ago) in the page where it asks for 'Temporary work information', the following are the questions. 1) Name of the Person or Company filed ur petition Where do u intend to work: 1) Name of employer 2) Address 3) Salary. I am wondering why they have both the questions 'Name of company filed ur petition' and 'Name of employer'. Bcoz, i think in all cases, they are the same?! no?
  11. Experts, please help. 1. I am employed by Company A. 2. But I work at Company B, who is a client of Company A. Question: In the 'Temporary Work Visa section of DS-160', are the following answer's correct? Name of Employer: Company A (Employer name) Address: Company B's address (Client address). My attorney is asking me to give Company B's (Client) name as 'Name of Employer'. Please help. Thanks
  12. white_slip1980 is right. I myself had an experience wherein the guy in front of me in the queue wore a checkered shirt and a trouser with almost same color and he was wearing a TENNIS shoe (i kid u not!!) and not well groomed as well. I was wondering how this guy is gonna get the visa. I was wrong, his interview lasted less than a minute and he walked away with a BIG smile as his visa was approved. I was next with a decent business attire (neatly pressed clothes, groomed and with a tie), my interview lasted about 8 mins and finally VO put me on admin processing. While it is true that a full business attire is advisable for any interview, it does not UP ur chances unless u have a strong case and the VO has a good mood (VO's mood impacts lives in a good or bad way!!).