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  1. good_guys21

    Matamoros Mexico Visa Appointment availability

    Thanks for your response !!
  2. Can someone please tell me whats the next available appointment around 19th June for Matamoros Mexico ? TIA !!
  3. good_guys21

    H4 processing with h1b PP

    I got my wife's approval notification yesterday
  4. good_guys21

    H4 processing with h1b PP

    I got my H1b Approval notice but no news on my wife's H4 approval. its been 3 weeks now.
  5. I am planning in the middle of may. I live in NJ so i think Ottawa will be better for me as well. Did you book appointment ?
  6. good_guys21

    Recent experiences and visa processing time in Ottawa

    Being NJ resident it would be tough to travel all the way to Matamoros. How about Mexico City ?
  7. Hello everyone, I am thinking of going for my 2nd h1b extension at Ottawa or Mexico in April sometimes. I am on EC model. Does anyone has recent experience in Ottawa ? How long it takes to get the passport back ? any flags for 221g recently ? Any help will be highly appreciated. TIA !!
  8. good_guys21

    H1B stamping in Ottawa on Sep 3rd

    sorry i meant 3rd August here. my bad !!
  9. good_guys21

    H1B stamping in Ottawa on Sep 3rd

    How come you have interview on Sep 3rd. its a holiday in Ottawa Embassy.
  10. good_guys21

    H4 Renewal Stamping in Canada - Question

    Did you go for your H4 Stamping there ? how was your experience ? If you can share your experience that would be great. Thanks !!
  11. good_guys21

    Canada Visa dates in August

    I see September dates opened today :)
  12. good_guys21

    Canada Visa dates in August

    I am in the same boat as well. I am thinking going somewhere else i.e. Mexico if its easy to get stamping done there.
  13. good_guys21

    Canada Visa dates in August

    Hi all, I want to go Canada for my wife's H4 visa stamping preferably in August. I see none of the embassy has the august dates right now. I am watching since last week but I dont see any cancellation dates coming back up as well. Does any one know what is the best time to check for cancellation dates online. Also is there any way i can keep an eye on dates (page monitor / check 4 change plugin) ? any inputs will be highly appreciated. Thanks!!
  14. Congratulations and thanks for sharing your experience. I have the similar situation and i will be going for stamping on Feb 24th.
  15. good_guys21

    CANADA Driving Experience

    Is Geico insurance card for Canda is different than your regular insurance card ? If yes how do you get one ?