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    Maintaining Status While H-1B Petition is Pending

    Hi, I have a peculiar situation. I am currently working for Employer E1 with client C1. I recently came to US on 22nd June to work for client C1. I am on H1 visa which is expiring on 31-Aug-2015. I am supposed to go back to India on 22nd July and start back with my family(wife& two kids) on 25th July to start working at a different location with client C2 on 27th July. As, this travel date is too close to 31-Aug-2015(when my H1 visa expires), my employer E1 is asking me not to travel, as I might get into issues at port of entry. My employer is willing to start applying for H1 extension/amendment sooner in next week. Based on the above scenario, I think I have below options. 1. If I get a LIN# or extension receipt # before my travel(22nd July), is it safe for me and my family to travel back into US? 2. If I get a LIN# before my travel(22nd July), is it safe if just my family travel by themselves into US? 3. Even If I don't get a LIN# before the travel date, is it okay to ask my family to come by themselves? 4. The last and safest option I see is, If I wait till the premium processing is opened (hoping after July 27th), and then go to India once I get extended H1(which would be by mid September), get visa stamped for me and my family and we all come together back to US. I would have to get my son joined in a school, and anything after September is a problem again. Please suggest me. Appreciate your response.