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    White slip - 221G -OCT 31st - Ottawa conuslate

    hey Ashu, don't worry. I am pretty sure that you will hear from them within next couple of days. Please make sure you alert the client, vendor & your employer and tell them they will get a call soon. I got a blue form last monday - got my visa approved today after verification. You will get an email from them.
  2. Please make sure you alert the Client, Vendor & Employer if you have provided the reference letters. I wish you everyone all the best and will post any updates
  3. Attended my interview on Oct 24th in Ottawa and got a 221g admin processing. I have received an email from US consulate on Oct 28th to return to the embassy in person to drop the passport for stamping. They asked me to print the email confirmation to get into the embassy. Anyone has an idea about the procedure to drop the passport and collect my original documents ? Do I have to again get the token and wait for the interview to drop my passport for stamping or is there a short cut? Thanks!
  4. forumfan09

    Oct & Nov 221G Reasons in Ottawa Tracking

    I understand your situation but you are risking yourself by going to Ottawa consulate. You will usually get back your passport if there is a 221g. Just in case if they didn't give your passport you can tell VO that you have to travel and he will give your passport back.
  5. forumfan09

    Oct & Nov 221G Reasons in Ottawa Tracking

    hi friends, good news. I have got the confirmation email today to bring my passport back for stamping. I came to know from Client that they did my employment verification yesterday. good luck for all the people who got 221g.
  6. forumfan09

    Oct & Nov 221G Reasons in Ottawa Tracking

    I didn't detach I94 from I797 approval. I drove to Ottawa from Detroit.
  7. forumfan09

    Oct & Nov 221G Reasons in Ottawa Tracking

    hi friends, I have attended my interview @ 9.00 AM in U.S consulate (Ottawa) on Oct 24th and got 221g. The officer ( @ counter 2) asked me the below questions: What company do you work for ? XYZ What does the company do? IT consulting & development What is your position in the company? Programmer anlyst How many yrs have you been with this company? 5 yrs + Who is the end client you work for ? ABC How many sub-vendors are there ? I said 2 , he made a note of the 2 vendors How many yrs have you been working with this client ABC? 5yrs + I said that I am very long term contract with the client How many more yrs do you think that you will with the same client ? I am hoping that it will be the end of 2014 What kind of work do you at the client ? Analysis, Design & Development He then asked me to submit all the letters and supporting docs to prove the employment relationship which he didn't even check. He also asked me to submit my w2 slips and pay stubs which I did. He then picked up a blue form and checked admin processing telling me that my application needs further investigation. I told the officer that I am on visitor visa here and I have all the documentation. He said that he is giving my passport back and I can travel anywhere. He kept my original I797 form as well. I am not struck up here in Ottawa with no valid U.S visa to go back. I work in EVC model and was never been on bench. I have been working with the same employer and same end client for the past 5+ yrs. i don't know how long it's going to take and I am struck here in Ottawa now without a valid U.S visa and single entry Canadian visa. Great mistake!