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  1. Naturalization applications are individual applications so yes. I have several friends who have done the same.
  2. bearbully

    Interview Scheduled and Cancelled

    Best option is to get an Infopass and find out.
  3. bearbully

    Suggestion for what to report on n400?

    1. Any ticket needs to be reported. Not accidents. 2. If you are a homemaker, you can leave the employment section blank.
  4. bearbully

    Delay after N-400 Interview

    I emailed the CIS Ombudsman and also sent repeated emails to USCIS reminding them that as per INA rules, I can request a judicial review if a decision is not made within 120 days. Lo behold - exactly at the 120 day mark, they have put me in line for the Oath ceremony!
  5. I appeared for my N-400 at USCIS San Francisco field office in January 2018. I passed the tests and I was recommended for approval and the officer gave me a form indicating the same. It's been 120 days since that interview but there is no update on the oath ceremony. Interestingly, my wife was interviewed the same day by the same officer and she completed her oath ceremony a month back :-) I spoke with Level 2 officer once, sent them many emails through their messaging channel and also met with an officer through Infopass. I was told during the Infopass that for some reason my file was still with my interviewing officer. She sent some internal note to the officer to check what is happening but I don't see any updates yet. I know there is a judicial procedure after 120 days but wanted to check here if anybody had a similar experience at San Francisco USCIS and had followed another approach to solve it. Thanks.