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  1. I am applying form I-90 as gender on my GC is incorrect 1. Can I apply online since I am applying as DHS error and so no fees need to be paid ? 2. i-90 has a field on part 3 of the form field 1. Location where you applied for an immigrant visa or adjustment of status: My 495 was applied to Vermont Service Center but then case got transferred to Texas Service center. So should I write Vermont or Texas as an answer to this field ? 3. Class of admission on I-90 is the same as category on green card? 4. Date of admission on I-90 is same as green card start date? Answer to question 2 is very important to me , rest of the questions I am just looking for validation of my understanding as I am applying I-90 myself. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello, I am going to apply form I-90 to correct error on my GC as the gender on the card is incorrect. I am going to select option D as it's USCIS error. 1. Do I need to attach copy of I-485 form with my I-90 application? 2. Do I need to attach copy of my birth certificate? 3. Is submitting copy of my passport showing correct gender , Driving License not enough documentation? 4. I need to send in my original green card, correct? Thanks.
  3. I recieved my green card in september 2015 and did not notice till today that the gender on the card is M instead of F. I also did international travel in december 2015 with my new green card without any problem. I am about to file form I-9 for my new employment and it needs a copy of my green card. My questions are: 1. Can I work while my green card is getting replaced and corrected via for I-90? 2. Can I submit my existing green card copy with my I-9 uscis form since I have to join new employer and cannot wait till the green card gets corrected. Thanks in Advance.
  4. Hello, I am applying for EAD renewal by e-filing form I-765. I am working on EAD and was parolled in after travelling outside the country. I know my status is AOS due to pending I-485 but not sure what to select in the online form which has drop down with many options which have the word parolee. So really confused :( What should I select for Manner of Last Entry and Current Immigration Status fields on I-765 e-file. following are the options which I think are suitable: DA: ADVANCE PAROLE (DISTRICT AUTH) DE: PAROLEE (DEFERRED INSPECTION) PAR: PAROLEE or is it some other option. Thanks !!!