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  1. Morehill

    EB2 and EB3 Upgrades/Downgrades

    I've been with the same employer since 2006. They filed my perm in the EB3 category with a priority date of Sept 2009. After years of waiting, I upgraded my perm to EB2 two years back. I recently checked from the USCIS website and my EB2 I140 is valid. Caveat here is that I took a promotion recently, the job family is still the same but I'm just managing a team with the same responsibility. After the Oct 2018 bulletin where EB3 Filing date moved ahead to Oct 1st 2009, I approached my law firm and HR of my company and they are willing to downgrade my application to EB3. My lawyers do not recommend using the EB3 I-140 that was approved many years ago, unless that job role is still valid. Instead they will be refiling a new I-140 petition based on my EB-2 PERM, but in the EB-3 category. Doing this will help me obtain a EAD after being on a H1B for 13+ years. Wanted to take a second opinion with with a reputable law firm as Murthy, if this is a good way to move forward. I do understand that the Final Action Date for EB3 is still behind EB2 and we don't have an insight into what will happen in the coming bulletins. But the key thing is that I can apply for AOS and get a EAD. Both my wife's and my H1B will be due for renewal next year and we are tired of these endless renewals and visa stampings during our India visit - I'm sure many out here are on a similar boat so I won't dwell into this further. Thank you.
  2. Morehill

    Visitors Visa for my Mother

    Hello - Thank you for your reply. I've read in some forums that the I-134 form is required, I do value your feedback but I'm wondering why is there different consensus regarding this requirement?
  3. Morehill

    Visitors Visa for my Mother

    Hello - My mothers visitors visa for USA expired this year in June 2017. I'm planning to apply for renewal/new visa this month. I've heard that you can send in a letter of invitation to your parents, however this is not mandatory. Couple of things: I'm also seeing in different sites that you need to send in a "affidavit of support" - https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/files/form/i-134.pdf . I don't mind sending in additional documents so that the process gets easier for her, specially since this is the first time she will go alone as my father is no longer with us. Also, looks like she is eligible for drop box? She will apply at the Mumbai consulate. Need some suggestions/recommendations. Thank you. Thank you.
  4. Morehill

    B2 Visa - Interview Waiver?

    Hi - I'm in a similar situation as you, my mothers B2 is expiring this year in June 2017. I wanted to get a head start and apply now. Can you please send me how your experience was and the list of documents you sent for their visa? Thank you.
  5. Morehill

    Parent's Visitor Visa (from India) - B2

    Thank you for your reply. Since I will be sponsoring my mother for the visa, I've read in different forums on list of documents that I should be sending along with her application. Is there a section in Murthy where we have some FAQ's regarding this process? Thank You.
  6. Hello - My mothers visitor visa for US is expiring this year in June 2017. She has visited me multiple times over the past 10 years and has never over stayed in the US. It's been mostly one trip every 1-2 years - she recently visited me last year and left in Dec 2016. I'm one of the thousands stuck in the GC process, been in US for 15 years now. I have an approved I-140 and waiting for my dates to be current ( separate issue). My H1B is expiring in June 2016 also and my company is in the process of extending my H1B- this will mostly be done through premium process and I do not expect any issues with it. My question is that should I wait till I get an approval for my H1B extension and then send in the paper work to renew my mothers visa from India (Mumbai consulate), I hear that she can do the drop box application. Or can I apply for her visitor visa right away without waiting for my H1B extension approval. Ideally I would like to wait for my approval but there are some personal reasons that my Mom might have to come to the US sooner this year and the reason I'm posting this question on the forum. Your suggestions will be helpful. Thank You.
  7. Morehill

    Premium Processing of I-140

    Thank you ashuneel; I agree that premium is not necessary. Appreciate the feedback.
  8. My lawyers recently indicated the same - USCIS makes a determination regarding what set of dates to use and for the month of March USCIS is using the final action dates, rather than the eligible to file dates. Prior to this discussion with my lawyer, I assumed that we could file for AOS if cutoff dates in the DF chart.
  9. Hello - My company had filed for my GC in the EB3 category in 2008. Labor and I-140 was approved in 2009 with a PD of Sept 2009. In 2014 I managed to convince them to file in the EB2 category; my labor in the EB2 category was finally approved this month and we are getting ready to file for I-140 - that will allow me to use my Sept 2009 date. My lawyer is suggesting that premium processing is not required; as we are eligible to file the AOS once the priority date becomes current based on the dates USCIS is using, even if the I-140 has not yet been approved. My company HR has indicated that for premium filing there has to be a business reason and I will have to pay for premium processing. I don't mind paying and wanted to get some guidance from the community if I should just pay up for the premium processing so that I have an approved I-140 within the next month and only have to deal with filing for AOS whenever the dates get current this year ( I'm hoping the priority dates move ahead this year). Thank you.
  10. Hello – I’m currently on H1B (approved I-140) and going to India (Mumbai) this month and returning on December 30th. My existing H1B visa on my passport is expiring on December 31st 2015. I already have an approved H1B extension and I’m planning on stamping this visa on my passport when I travel this month. Since the visa on my passport has not expired in the past 6 month, I’m eligible for the “INTERVIEW WAIVER PROGRAM” as per http://www.ustraveldocs.com/in/in-niv-visarenew.asp I got some questions related to my current scenario: 1. Since my H1B visa on my passport does not expire until December 31st 2015; just checking if the US consulate will issue a new visa on my passport reflecting my current H1B extension. I've checked and this should not be an issue but wanted to clarify with the community. 2.Since I’m eligible for the interview waiver program, do I have to take an appointment to drop off the passport and documents to the consulate? If anyone has gone through this scenario please provide me with the detailed information. Thank you.
  11. Hello Pontevecchio - Thank you for the response, exactly what I wanted to hear.
  12. Hello t75 - Thank you for the reply. Not sure if 5 years can be termed as a shorter wait time but everyone is free to express their opinions and I get that. I don't think that I've protrayed any level of stress in my posting and have asked some legitimate questions in a polite manner. I would recommend that if you don't have a constructive answer to my posting than please refrain from asking me to "chill" - or whatever that means. Hopefully we can maintain a professional decor in these forums. Thanks again for your reply.
  13. Hello Friends - I've been waiting in the EB3 category for a long time - my PD is september 2009 and with no end in sight I"m planning to move to a company that will proceed with my GC in the EB2 category. Before I start the process I had some questions and I'm hoping someone here will be kind enough to answer my questions/concerns: I'm assuming that I should be able to keep my PD of Sept 2009 when I move to the new company and they file for the labor under EB2 category. Please confirm. I have the a copy of the approved I-140 from my current firm, but I do not have the certified labor copy with me. Is this needed when I port my PD to EB2 under the new company? I'm not sure if I can obtain a copy of my current approved labor certificate. Need some guidence here. Is there anything else needed for the new company to successfully port my PD in the EB2 category? I'm hearing that the dates will move forward in June 2014; hopefully everyone will benifit from this and the long waits for fellow immigrants will finally come to an end. Thank you in advance for your replies.