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  1. shellz977

    NIW- not working

    Thanks for answer. My lawyer says there is probabilty of getting rfe to show intent of staying in field.
  2. Hi, I have a approved i140 NIW application applied in march 2009. I had been working in fedreal lab for five years. I moved out of US to Canada after approval and worked in my area of research-biofuels after that. In 2012, when dates bacame current for India, I started with consular processing of my case, but before i could get my interview at embassy, dates reterogressed. Till june 2012, i worked in area of my research, but then moved back to US in sept2012 on h4 visa. After that I had baby in aug 2013. I couldnt start work because I needed work visa and I had baby to take care of. Now dates are becoming current again, and I am planning to abondon my completed consular processing and start with 485 filling. Does my, not working right now could be a threat to my green card application. Before issuing H4 consulate took my updated Cv with recent publication list. thanks
  3. shellz977

    221G on Jan 16, in Ottawa

    i got my 221g in Montreal . I got the notice in email and it took 5 weeks. They send documents back along with passport. They kept my I-797 it came back with passport in my case. You have to fill loonis information where u would like to pick your documents. That;s where they send the documents and u have to pick from there. I had left my passport with them. They communicate though email. you just have to wait.
  4. yes you have to submit non existence of birth certificate from local office who issues the birth certificates and affidavits of from two close relatives. I did it for my case as i didn't had birth certificate. It worked. No other document will work.
  5. i applied in same consulate for h4, I was given white slip and asked to submit my CV. I came back and did not send CV immediately. Second day i got email, if I will not submit by afternoon i will be rejected. I submitted and had to wait 5 weeks before I received my passport.