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  1. akronfall

    On EAD (Green card) - Question about changing jobs

    Thanks, JoeF. I have my answer. 485 was filed in April, 2012.
  2. Hello everyone, I am looking to switch jobs. My current employer filed for my GC (November 2009 priority date) and I am working on EAD. A common question I see during the job search is "Will you require sponsorship?". Am i correct in assuming that my answer should be 'Yes'? I believe the new employer will have to file a labor and I140 at the minimum. Thanks in advance.
  3. akronfall

    I-485 EAD. Is working remote for the same employer possible?

    Thank you Pontevecchio for the detailed response.
  4. Hello.. I have been with the same employer for 12 years now and requested to go remote (work from home in a different city) for various reasons (health of a family member). I requested my manager and he is following up with Legal/HR and his manager. My question --> Does USCIS or any immigration related rule require a non-immigrant to live/work in the same city (Labor, I140 and H1B's were file in this city) while waiting on the green card? Or is this purely down to employer to allow the employee to work from remote location? Thanks in advance,
  5. Thank you for the reply immigrationseeker. However, i got the e-mail notification on March 5th and the USPS mail in the next couple of days. Its been bordering 3 weeks since i got the e-mail with receipt numbers. Thinking about calling them back this Friday. Will keep you posted.
  6. All, I submitted my EAD and AP renewal applications (for spouse and self) and got the receipt notices via USPS. I was using the receipt numbers to track the status @ USCIS.gov and I get the message that Your case can not be found at this time in My Case Status. Please check your receipt number and try again. If you need further assistance, please call the National Customer Service Center at 'USCIS phone number'. I called the USCIS number and was routed to another office (i believe Lincoln, Nebraska) and they said they have a glitch and causing this error on their website. I was also told that they have my applications and they are being processed. Should i be worried about this situation ? Is anyone else seeing the same error ? Thanks in advance for any guidance.
  7. akronfall

    Jan 2012 PERM Tracker

    Perm applied on January 11, 2012 Experience Masters + 5 yrs Status: Approved Approval mail received on April 17th, 2012 EB2 PD is Nov 21, 2009 with 140 approved. Hoping to file 140 and 485 together with 140 premium.
  8. This is just to inform everyone on the forum about our experience. My wife and I are both on H1. I have been with a US company for the last 5 and half years after completing my Masters. My wife was working in the EVC model till 6 September 2011 and then joined a full time company. Both of us submitted the documents three days in advance as needed by the HYD consulate. There is a passport photo booth in the consulate. Our pictures were approved by the VFS site while uploading the DS-160 form, but we were asked for photographs again. So, if you don't have proper photos handy, don't panic. It costs Rs. 100.00 Went through the process and we both wen to the counter for our interview. The offier said Officer (O): I will complete your case first (me) and then we will look into yours (wife). O: What company are your working for ? Me (M): xyz O: How long have you been on H1b ? M: Since, October 2007. O: Does xyz send you to a client location ? M: No. O: Congratulations, your visa has been approved. During the initial documents pick up at the first counter, my wife's documents had the mark 'PIMS not found'. O: Which compay do you work for ? Wife (W): ABC Ltd O: What does the company do ? W: It does so and so.. O: How long have been working for the company ? W: for the last six months O: Does the company send you to any client locations or do you work only at your office ? W: Only at the company's office O: Can I see your pay stubs ? W: Sure (She gave the pay stubs for all six months) O: Congratulations, your visa has been approved. Both your passports should be received within 5 working days. We received the passports by BlueDart in three days. I was initially worried that the PIMS not found would cause a delay, buy luckily everything went smooth. Hoping this helps.
  9. All, For a H1-B transfer, should we not continue working for the current company immediately after getting the approval ? or can we give the two-weeks notice after getting the approval. The question in other words.. Can we be on the payroll of Employer A after the H1-B (transfer) has been approved from Employer A to Employer B. This is concerned with providing a courtesy two-weeks notice to the existing employer/client. Thanks in advance.
  10. Is a foreign degree evaluation required for a B.Tech degree from India in Computer Sciences and Engg. Attorney @ Murthy, can you please reply ?
  11. Any suggestions or comments ? thanks in advance.
  12. All, My wife is transferring her H1-B from a Desi consultancy to an American company for a full-time position. During the process of submitting the documents, the attorney of the new company told that we have to get the foreign degree (4-year Bachelors in Computer Sciences and Engg) evaluated. Is this true ? As this is a transfer, can they rely on the previously approved H1-B to avoid the evaluation process and hence the delay in filing the H1-B ? The attorney asked if we have any such evaluation documents. Unfortunately, we don't have any such certificate. Please advise the course of action. Thanks.