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  1. prashantch

    change of job/employer

    Thanks for explaining.
  2. prashantch

    L1A extension

    Thanks but my question is can I start fresh L1 if I don't complete 7 years in USA on L1. I have completed 6 yrs and came back to India, now after one year can I start new L1 or do I have to go back and complete remaining one year before starting fresh L1. Thank
  3. prashantch

    change of job/employer

    Hi, once you get I-140 approved, can you change employer if you are on H1B and if you are on L1A what is the case and aslo is it possible if your existing employerv revoke I-140. What is safe time to change the job after getting I-140 approved. Thanks
  4. prashantch

    L1A extension

    Hi all, I am on L1 A and 7 yrs will be over in next June 2020. My question is if I go back India this year in June 2019 and want to apply for fresh L1 A, do I need to complete one year on old L1 A visa before applying for fresh one. Thanks Prashant