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  1. Hi, any one has any suggestion on this? Thanks.
  2. I never said "H1B approval is equal to visa". What I meant was why not do all the checks they do during visa interview, beforehand at the time of application, so that then there is less need for 221g cases and saves lot of hassle for the H1B applicant wasting time in his home country while waiting for the checks that USCIS could have done before H1B application approval. I wonder, how many of you have actually gone through the H1B 221g process?(in-spite of not being a phony applicant)
  3. If things are happening as you say"terminal to write easy programs...",etc, then why not do that process before approving H1B application. Why wait until visa application? Those "so-called" phony H1Bs you are talking about, are still allowed to work in US on H1B(if they are already in US) and don't even need a visa to work.
  4. I don't know about the legality of your statement: "That H1Bs are expected to maintain a primary residence outside the US" unless you can reference a legal document. But, let's not get side-tracked from the main topic of this thread. There is nothing wrong with the OP expression his frustration. It's well known joke among the legal community that it is easier to get legally immigrated by following illegal path rather than following legal path that includes wait for years and years. Yes, that's a choice he/she made by working on H1B. As you said "No one forced you". However, this whole visa stamping process is a BS. Hence, frustration is natural. Why can't they do whatever checking they want to do at the time of H1B approval instead of doing the checks at the time of visa. Why is no one talking about this? If you approved H1B petition, then why create issues at H1B visa stamping. Why don't you all the required checks before approving H1B petition?
  5. H1 is a dual-intent visa. Not just non-immigrant.
  6. Hi, I am in similar boat. In our case, I was permanent resident when I filed I-130 for my spouse. While pending, I became US citizen last year. Then, sent an update to I-130 and my spouse also filed for I-485. Then, I-30 got approved, spouse completed bio-metrics, all in October 2018. But, since then, no updates from USCIS or NVC.
  7. Hi, I had filed I-130 for my spouse(who is in US on H1B) in Jan. 2018 when I was permanent resident. Later, while I-130 petition was pending, I became US citizen. Then, I sent an update to my I-130 petition to update that I am now US citizen. At the same time, my spouse filed for I-485, since she has been in US on H1B. After that, I received my I-130 approval in October 2018 and she also got fingerprints done in October 2018. I-130 approval letter stated that USCIS will send the petition to NVC(National Visa Center). Since, then we are still waiting to hear from USCIS about I-485 and also haven't heard anything from NVC. Anyone knows what is the role of NVC if my spouse is already in US and also applied for I-485? Anyone has any suggestions? Thanks.
  8. Hi, Does anyone have recent experience about when is the passport available for pickup after H1B interview at Mumbai consulate or any US consulate in India? Online info and phone customer service says 3 business days, but I had heard that usually people's passports are ready for pickup the next business day. Is it so? The thing is, I have a business trip immediately after visa stamping interview, so wondering if I will get back passport back the next day or not. Thanks.
  9. hary536

    H1b in Delhi Stamping after Layoff

    Thanks for sharing. What would be even more useful is to know in DS-160 how did you explain truthfully? Since, I have to take a guess, that the wording would have mattered in your case.
  10. hary536

    H1B Stamping and passport expiration!

    Should be okay. You have to save your old passport and carry it with you when traveling.
  11. Hi, Is there any way to pay H1B visa fee from US for appointment in India?(I don't have a bank account in India that I can use for online transfers or cash payment) I was wondering if there was a way to pay by US credit card or debit card or online transfer from US bank account? Thanks.
  12. hary536

    221g waiting since march

    What were the kind of questions you were asked that led to 2219(g)? Since there are different reasons for 221(g) like security check, name check, employer client employment model, TAL. There may be more. I am aware of these many so far. Thanks.
  13. Hi, Wondering, what are the current typical and average wait times for a 221(g) H1B stamping cases, specially for cases related to TAL or EVC model? My previous encounter has been TAL and am not on EVC, but just trying to know for both. Thanks.
  14. Thanks for the info. I am curious to your answers to some of the questions. Mainly, questions 7,8,12. Asking since in my case, my answer to those questions 7,8 and 12 is YES for all of them and wondering if that has any negative impact. I will be going for stamping soon. Thanks.