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  1. The risk is that the USCIS will ask you to respond with a job offer under a very tight deadline (i.e. falling under 180 days), and you can't use AC21. And since you no longer have the offer from the original employer, your I-485 gets denied. It happened.
  2. Belle

    Porting to EB2

    You need to explain to the lawyer that the petition was filed for future employment and show the job offer letter filed in 2007 with the I-485 filing.
  3. Belle

    Parolee to H1-B

    No amendment is needed. In your case, the status is different from the method of entry.
  4. Belle

    I-485 filed without EVL

    You can use AC21 when your I-485 has been pending for 180 days. However, you may work for a different employer before that date, assuming you get appropriate work authorization (H1 or EAD).
  5. Belle

    Parolee to H1-B

    Parolee is not a status, it's method of entry (as opposed to admission). Your status does not change when you are paroled, and thus you continue in H1B.
  6. Belle

    AOS through marriage to US citizen

    How are you planning to enter the US back?
  7. You can use your H1 later. However, do check if you have field COS along with H1 and got an H1 I-94. If you did, then you might have been working illegally. It actually happens in such L1-H1 transfers, and the USCIS catches it.
  8. Belle

    Birth Certificate Question

    Talk to a lawyer. The USCIS considers your birth certificate to be the primary document, so your birth date there is what is your birth date, regardless of what's in your passport (the USCIS might consider your passport invalid because of it). This is kind of sticky issue, and you need to fix it.
  9. Belle

    Follow to join benifit for sopuse

    Well, you should not have marked yourself as single. It's like claiming you don't have a child if you have not received a birth certificate (i.e. makes no logical sense) or like my mother who once (long time ago) told me I could file for single mother benefits in my home country because I got married in Vegas and you know those Vegas marriages... LOL! So... you can either just not bring up attention to the fact that you marked "single" on your application or you can talk to a lawyer and try to file an amendment to the approved I-485 petition - note that the later will lengthen your follow to join timeline considerably. Since it is not unusual to have a follow to join case when marriage occurs after the filing date but before the approval date, I would say, it is unlikely that the USCIS will have a problem with your application being filed as single, especially, since your marital status does not impact your eligibility (in cases when it does, the USCIS will dig this up for sure). Your best defense is probably "oh, shoot, I screwed up, and I forgot about it".
  10. Take an INFOPASS first. If no result, just apply for a replacement card with the new address.
  11. Create a case problem report with the CIS Ombudsman. Your case is pretty complicated.
  12. Belle

    Pending i-485 for Dependent

    Well, you are not going to speed it up until that date passes. It's not unusual for a dependent to get the green card later than the principal.
  13. Belle

    Immigrant Visa question

    Your situation is not very clear. Need more detail.
  14. Not a problem. The immigration law requires that the company has intent to employ you in the original capacity. Whether that intent is fulfilled and for how long is a different question.
  15. Talk to your lawyer. The status appears to be incorrect. If it is correct, the petition will most likely be denied since the job is no longer offered to you. One way to find out status of the petition is to file a FOIA request.