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  1. Hi, My friend completed PhD(India) in 2001. How long will take for him to get his Green Card? What is the criteria for a PhD holder for a GC? Let me know if you need more information.
  2. Hi, I'm waiting on my Work Permit and AP. It has been more than 70 days. Currently I'm out of status and do not have a valid H1B. But I have to travel out of US on an emergency. I'll ask my friend to post the AP and work permit card to my address in India once it arrives. Is it fine to travel and re-enter US with my AP approved card after a month? Or is there any other alternative considering I have to travel?
  3. walnut

    GC for sibling

    If I'm a GC holder, What is the process to initiate the GC process for my brother's family and How long would it take when he is not born in India?
  4. Hi, My perm is approved and the priority date is current. 140 & 485 is filed simultaneously. What is the average time to get the EAD? Can I travel out of US before I receive the EAD? Is there a way to travel without creating any issues on the GC processing?
  5. Hi, Within How many years can a Citizenship be applied after you get the GC? Does the Citizenship process vary based on country of birth? Can the Citizenship process be expediated?
  6. Hi, What is the minimum time I need to stay in the US in order to retain the GC? Do I need to stay at a stretch for a number of months, or can I just visit US and return to a different country to keep my GC active. Please throw some light on this. Also, what is the duration I need to stay in the US to possess a citizenship?
  7. walnut

    Perm Applied - Entry after GC

    Hi, My employer has applied my perm 3 months back (EB2) and I'll be completing 6 years(including vacations) in total in the US in the next 2 months. I'm planning to retun back to India and would want to return to the US only after my GC is processed. Is it fine if I'm out of the country during my GC process? Or which stage do I need to be in the US? I'm planning to work for my employer from India until the GC is processed. Kindly advise.
  8. Hi, I do not have the Government issued Birth Certificate, but the Baptism Certificate (Given by Kuwait Church). My Passport has also the Place of Birth as Kuwait. Is that sufficient or is it a must to have the Government issued Birth Certificate for any GC related processes?
  9. Hi, Currently, My Wife is on H1B. She would want to go to India and apply for a H4. But I have only 8 months remaining on my H1B out of the 6 years. Is it safe to go to India for a H4 stamping? Would there be any issues/rejections?
  10. Hi, My wife is taking a break from work and is requesting for a status change from H1 to H4. Will she be able to join back after few months to the same company or any other company? What is the process to change back the status to H1 later? Will it take long time?
  11. Hi, I was born in Qatar but I am an Indian Citizen. My employer is filing my visa in EB2 category. Nothing is started yet. I want to know at what stage would my place of birth play important and the process gets faster? Also I do not have my birth certificate issued from the government, I have it issued by the church. Can I use it? Please let me know.
  12. walnut

    6 years H1 to Student Visa

    Hi, I'll be completing 6years in March 2014 in the US on a H1B. If I want to continue in the US, Can I apply for a student visa for a MS. Also will I get a new H1 after completing my master in 2years? Kindly let me know if this is a good option?
  13. walnut

    H1 to H4 to H1 transfer

    Hi, I'm in US on H1 with company ABC and my husband is also in US with company ABC on H1 but we are in different locations. So I want to be on H4 with my husband leaving my current project until I find a project at the same location. What would happen to my H1? If my H1 gets cancelled, will I be able to go for the H1 stamping again later once i get my project in the location where my husband is (considering the fact that I have valid H1 till 2012 Aug). Will the same petition be valid or should I apply for new H1 since I would be on H4. My query is once H1 gets cancelled and you are on H4 can i go for stamping based on the same H1 petition that I am having or should the process be started all over again. Kindly guide me as this is an urgent issue. Thanks.