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  1. sireesha815

    Working with Expired H4EAD

    Hi, Can we work with Expired H4 EAD and we do have filed Extension for H1, H4 and H4-EAD. all are pending decision. when we talked to our employer, he says we can work since we have receipt numbers for all the 3 applications( H1, H4, H4-EAD). we wanted to make sure we are not doing any thing wrong. Thanks !
  2. sireesha815

    EAD Renewal

    can any one reply to this please..??
  3. sireesha815

    EAD Renewal

    Hi Murthy Attorney, I am currently working on my H4 EAD which is about to expire on Nov 4th 2016. H1-B and H4 Extensions filed by our H1 Employer. They are not willing to do Premium Also they don't want to file H4 EAD extension. we received our H1-B and H4 Receipt# Can we file H4-EAD alone separately with the receipt numbers? Thanks in advance.
  4. sireesha815

    EAD I-765

    rahul412, Thanks for your prompt response. I do have my EAD card, but my point is I did not receive I-765. so what are the chances that, any employer denying job for not having I-765? Thanks ! -MS
  5. sireesha815

    EAD I-765

    Hi, I got my H4 EAD card, but the "I-765" form, we did not receive that yet. as per the online status says, "the Post Office returned a notice we sent you for your Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization", we tried calling USCIS, first they said to wait for 30 days and after that still if we did not get then call back. then again we called after 30 days, the lady who picked the call was not much responsive, they way she sounded like was you have the EAD card so we can go ahead and start working. so please help me understand our situation on where do we stand with this. 1. Can I start applying for jobs and if I get one, will the EAD card alone be fine ? 2. and if for any job, what if employer asks I-765 form? Thanks ! -MS
  6. sireesha815

    H4 EAD Eligibility....

    Hi Attorney, If you can help with more details as this will help most of us when we do our paper work in submitting the H4 EAD application. Approved I-140 --> If My Employer is not willing to share the approval copy, and I have the Receipt number, how can we show in documentation that I have approved I-140. what are our options 6+ years in H1 --> I am in the country for 10 years, what are the supporting documentation that I need to provide to show that I have exceeded 6 years Thanks !
  7. sireesha815

    H4 EAD Rule progress

    JoeF, Thank you for your response. yes, I agree with you on Comprehensive Immigration Reform, which is mother of all immigration changes currently in US, and personally it is much needed. I too was waiting for the same, but looking at the grim situation, don't think Politicians here are going to take any action on it, and I wish I am wrong. And going back to the actual topic on H4 EAD rule, based on your reply, I understand that it is not part of CIR Bill, and USCIS is still reviewing the comments/feedback. so we just need to wait on outcome. Do we know what is the time frame that we are looking at for the outcome on the feedback/comments from USCIS? does not matter positive or negative. Thanks !
  8. sireesha815

    H4 EAD Rule progress

    Hi, There was lot of noise until few weeks back on this rule about opening for comments. And the comments period was over during the period of July. Do we know where does this stand as of now, and what progress it is making. now-a-days there is no talk about it. Here is the link about the rule that I was mentioning about. http://www.regulations.gov/#!documentDetail;D=USCIS-2010-0017-0001 Thanks !
  9. Hi Attorney, I am trying to prepare for my worst possible situation, and please suggest. 1. I am working for an MNC(Multi-National Corp) 2. I have my I-140 approved. and planning to go India for vacation. 3. and I will have to go for Visa stamping. 4. "If" for what ever reason, we dont get Visa, I will be working for the same company in India. And "if" the Dates become current, for my priority date.. Then would I or my company be able to file my I-485 while I am in India, and with that, can I travel back to US? Thanks !
  10. sireesha815

    H1 Extn/REF Documents missing ???

    Thank you all, finally I got it approved for 3 years. as matter of fact, we tracked the fedEx, and it seems the RFE docs reached to USCIS long back. Its just that it was not acknowledged by them for what ever reasons. My company immigration Team has to contact them and has to followup with them to get it acknowledged, and it was approved immediately. Thanks again.
  11. Hi Attorney, My Birth Certificate is Laminated. can we use the laminated Birth certificate document for 485 filing. I heard from some one in the past, that this could be an issue. Please let me know. Thanks !
  12. Hi, 1. My I-94 date is Dec 16th 2013. 2. H1 Extn filed on Nov 15 2013 in Premium process 3. got RFE on Nov 20 2013, and was asked to respond on or before Feb 16, 2014 4. My Company responded to RFE on Jan 6, 2014. 5. I got the FedEx tracking number, and it confirms that the RFE documents reached "ST. ALBANS, VT" on Jan 7, 2014. 6. I guess the documets got lost or misplaced some where, and I am trying every effort to followup with my company Attorney for the next steps (thought not much response from them in the last 2 days :-( ) It's been 20 days and still USCIS case status online shows "Request For Evidence". Can any one tell me what are my options here. 1. what will be my legal status after Feb 16th if I dont get any decision from USCIS 2. how much time will I have after Feb 16, in case if I have to leave the country 3. at this time, is it a possibility to transfer my H1 to another Employer. Thanks !
  13. sireesha815

    Visa Stamping after 6 years

    Last I travelled out of USA in 2008 Jan and got Visa stamping in India then, and after that I am planning now to go Canada for visa stamping. Since it is after 6 years, would there be any issues in stamping. As my GC process is going on and getting extensions based on approved 140. and this is my 9th year now. Any thoughts/inputs/suggestions and some one with similar experiece, appreciate if you could share your experience. Thanks ! -H1B Holder.
  14. sireesha815

    H4 to H1 to H4 to H1

    Hi Attorney, I had heard this from some of my friends, can you please confirm if this is true? came to US on H4 Visa, and later applied for H1 and worked for a year so have all the paystubs and W2 forms for that year. due to personal reason changed the status back to H4, and now if I had to apply for H1 again, I heard that since I already previously worked on H1 and have W2's, heard that I dont need to go through H1 Quota and can request for change in status from H4 to H1. Please let me know if this is true. Thanks in advance
  15. sireesha815

    Freedom of Information

    Hi Attorny Please advise here. My case which is under appeal is expected to come out for decision in a month or so. I want to initiate FOIA and get the details. 1. so do I have to wait untill the decision comes out so that they will respond with correct status on my case 2. or is it ok if I initiate this FOIA now (since it takes average 4-6 months) to get the status as of the date when USCIS is responding If not can I send one FOIA request now and another after my case appeal decision comes out. Appreciate your valuable inputs here. Thanks.