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  1. Hello, My US Traveldocs account has gotten locked out twice now and they block your account for 72 hours. However, I was not aggressively checking for dates etc. on both times. Does anyone know how and when does the account get locked out. Like do you have to login multiple times or is just checking the dates x no. of times after you log in enough to lock you out?
  2. Hello, My GC priority date is Aug 31st, 2009. I am tired waiting for the date to become current and I am thinking of moving to another country. I recently heard that even if I move to another country I can still avail of my GC priority date by doing consular processing. So even if I lose my H1B status I can still get my GC from outside the country. So how does the process work? Let's say my GC priority date becomes current and I am outside of the country and don't have a H1B. Will I have to get a new job from a company in USA in order to get my GC processing done? Or can I just go to the US consulate of that country and then get my GC processed?
  3. venkatdabri

    Renewing Indian passport in USA

    Hello, I am in the process of renewing my passport which will expire by mid march 2019. I went to https://passport.in.ckgs.us/ to apply and filled in all the forms there and got to the final step at which point I got a checklist of documents to be sent to them. I had a few questions about these: National Verification Form: I remember filling out a form like this -> https://www.************/nri/indianpassport/sample-nationality-verification-form.pdf but I don't have a hard copy with me. How do I get a hard copy to print and mail it to them?How to get photographs? I was thinking of going to this site https://orders.passportphotonow.com/ or should I go to the nearest UPS? CKGS Online Payment Receipt in Original? i downloaded the pdf at the end. I am guessing by original they mean the print out of this page Is Indian proof necessary if I don't want to add or change Indian address? Tatkal Approval email sent by CKGS to Applicant? I am not applying under Tatkal Annexure E <- I believe it is this page that I just have to download, fill in and print https://portal2.passportindia.gov.in/AppOnlineProject/pdf/AnnexureE.pdf
  4. venkatdabri

    What happens to green card priority date if I lose my H1B?

    Is this true even if the company that initially filed my i-140 is no longer in business. So technically can I go back to India and come back to USA when my GC date is valid and start my processing getting my GC immediately?
  5. My green card priority date is for August 2009. What happens if I go back to India and lose my H1B. If I come back on an H1B do I lose my priority date and have to restart again?
  6. So what if I resign do I get the benefit of the 60 day grace period?
  7. Hello, There is an ongoing problem with my job and I worry what are my options if I get fired? I have an approved I-140 with a priority date of Aug 2009 but I am on a H1B visa. I believe I have two months grace period due to the new Obama rule but there is no more premium processing of H1B. So does this mean that I have two months to find a new job and then the company will apply for my H1B but it will only be certified a long time later since premium processing is no longer allowed?
  8. venkatdabri

    Flight stop in Germany requires transit visa??

    What about if I am travelling to Mumbai via Paris. Do I need a transit visa for Paris? My current US visa has expired.I have a valid Indian Passport and while coming back I will have a valid US visa
  9. I am booking a flight to India and it says it has a stopover in Germany. The website says that "Info alert: Travellers will need a Transit Visa/ US Citizenship/ Green Card. Does this mean that I need a transit visa to just change flights. I don't need to leave the airport. If I need to get a Transit visa then how do I get it?
  10. Hello, I am at the point where I want to schedule an appointment and they are asking for the visa fees. When I try to pay via NEFT I see this message "CURRENTLY WE DO NOT ACCEPT OVERSEAS ELECTRONIC FUNDS TRANSFERS. YOU CAN ONLY MAKE THIS PAYMENT IF YOU MAINTAIN A RUPEE BANK ACCOUNT IN INDIA." How can I pay from USA since I don't have a bank account in India? Can a friend or family member pay for me and get the receipt number? Can they do this online?
  11. Hello, I am on an H1B and have to visit India. I was wondering should I risk waiting till Trump's inauguration to visit India. Is he going to radically change the immigration law to bar H1Bs from re-entry?
  12. venkatdabri

    Questions about contracting

    Hello, I came into the country 10 years ago and have had a full time position for the past 8 years in Silicon valley however my GC has not been done. I have been thinking about moving back to contracting the reason being that I don't want to worry about my GC process being reset because of a job loss. 10 years ago it was fairly easy to be a contractor. You found your own project and the company paid you 80% of what you made. Is this still the case? Also how easy is it to find contracts in the south bay area? Also I already have my priority date. If I go back to India and come back will I be part of the H1B quota?
  13. venkatdabri

    Time taken for H1B transfer

    Hello, Previously when I accepted a new job offer ( a year ago), I it would only take 2 weeks to get the H1B receipt. However, a friend of mine tells me that the LCA process now takes a lot of time and it easily takes a month to get the H1B receipt. Is this true?
  14. venkatdabri

    Resigning before H1B receipt?

    Hello, I have a new job offer from a very well know Bay Area company offering a very good salary. I am pretty unhappy in my current job. Should I wait for the H1B receipt before resigning or can I resign right away? This way I shorten the time I have to suffer the torture in my current job.
  15. Hello, One of the companies that has given me an offer has mentioned that I will have to pay for my own green card? I was wondering as to how much would this cost me? Also the application of the PERM has to be done by the company right and all expenses also has to be borne by them. I believe this money can't be recovered from me?