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  1. gcseeker2002

    N400 background check delays

    My N400 is pending with NBC since July 2017, last I checked in an infopass I found that it was with a private agency for background checking. In the last five years, I have had multiple jobs, sometimes I did freelancing jobs so I had 2 jobs simultaneously, Of course I have mentioned all my jobs in the N400 and also filed tax returns for all jobs I worked on . Is this the reason for my delays ? I know people who are not working at all get their citizenship approved quick but would multiple jobs cause delays ? My wife applied with me and already got her naturalization done. I am trying to get help from Senators. Also, I just want to know if I answered this correctly in my N400, Q44:Are you a male who lived in the United States at any time between your 18th and 26th birthdays (This does not include living in the United states as a lawful non-immigrant) : I answered No, as I was on H1b visa , which is considered non-immigrant. Hope I answered it right.
  2. gcseeker2002

    N-400 Processing delays - My case experience

    How do you open a service request when the local office processing time is earlier than your case pd ? My case PD is July 2017 and my local office is processing April 2017 cases, so whenever I call the 800 number they refuse to open the service request . My wife's case is already in Oath ceremony stage. My case still shows "FIngerprint appointment was scheduled" . I had a congressman check on this and he was told case is in background check. Will try out the senator option. Also, does the senator check again and again (I see in OP's post that he had Senator1 and Senator2 check on his case every 2-3 months) ?