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  1. visitor_ma

    Trades school Apprenticeship on H4EAD

    There are trades schools that teach operating heavy machines, carpentry, construction work, etc. they run 6 to 10-week apprenticeship programs. Can people on H4EAD join those? As these are free courses and after that training people join Unions and sent for work, wherever the work is available. While on training I think a stipend is paid ($60 per week) and health insurance is provided because of the nature of the job, for health insurance student doesn't have to pay for it. Training is actually working from 8:00 am to 3:30 am with only half an hour break for lunch, so technically it's like one is working while learning so I am not sure if H4EAD should be able to do it. I know there are no restrictions for H4EAD but where can I find this info in writing especially in regard to something that clarifies about trades school and apprenticeship program and then working and availing health insurance and pension credits from the Union? Thank you for your help.
  2. visitor_ma

    Is Nursing and NCLEX allowed on H4?

    Hi, Did you get any concrete answer to your query? Were your wife able to study for RN?
  3. Can h4EAD study RN or ADN, diploma or associate degree in nursing from the community college and then will be allowed to appear for License exam so that they can get job on H4EAD? Its 2-3 years program and not Bachelors in Nursing. Please advise if anyone has studied from USA on H4EAD and is able to work on H4EAD as a RN. Thanks
  4. Hello All, I have had H1B visa , H4 visa stamping done around 4 times in past. I am going for H4 visa stamping this time. Do I need to take an appointment for fingerprinting or just for Visa Stamping Interview? Also, I am not able to find a link to find out this info, if anyone can please share the link to find out how to verify if one has to go for fingerprinting again or not, it will be a great help. Thanks a lot in advance.
  5. Hi All, I will be traveling to India without my spouse and I will have to go for H4 visa stamping as the last visa expired in 2016 and since then we haven't gone out of USA. While filing an application for an appointment in Petitioner section what start date should I put? My spouse (primary applicant) is working with the same employer since 2014, between 2014 and now his visa was extended more than once. His latest I-797A has a Start Date as Nov 2017, Expiration Date is Nov 2020. He isn't traveling to India without me. My query is what should I give as Start Date since he is already working in the US with the same employer since 2014. Should it be the Nov 2017 as per the latest I-797A or should it be 2014 when he actually started working for that employer? Thanks in anticipation of getting a response.
  6. Thank you so much. I was wondering we can do with receipt number or not. Appreciate your response. :)
  7. In addition to above question, can I send my wife's H4 extension and H4 EAD application once I get receipt # for my H1B extension application rather than waiting for approved H1B extension which may take 90 days or more, delaying in applying H4 extension and H4 EAD for her?
  8. Hello all, My employer is filing H1B extension for me, my wife is on H4, both of ours visa expires on same date around Nov 2017. Employer is asking for $1200 for H4 extension and $1000 for filing H4 EAD for her. Can we file her H4 extension and H4 EAD ourselves separately while H1b extension for me is dispatched from employer's attorney's office? Or we will have to wait for my approved H1B extension and then only I can send application for my wife's H4 and H4 EAD? Please advise. Thank you.
  9. Hello all, My employer is filing H1B extension for my husband, both of ours visa expires on same date around Nov 2017. Employer is asking for $1200 for H4 extension and $1000 for H4 EAD. Can we file my H4 extension and H4 EAD ourselves separately while H1b extension of my husband is dispatched from employer's attorney's office? Or we will have to wait for my husband's approved H1B extension and then only I can send application for my H4 and H4 EAD? Please advise. Thank you.
  10. visitor_ma

    H1 to H4 transfer

    Thanks so much for your prompt response. I have couple more questions. 1) If I send pplication for COS of H4 and my employer don't send H1B withdrawl application, then is he liable to pay me salary till my H4 is approved? 2) If answer to above is no, then I understand it will take 2-3 months for H4 approval, in meantime if I get job then I can still work for same employer without filing H1B COS? If yes then I think he will have to pay me for time when I m not working I believe, because that would be considerd as being on bech, please advise.
  11. visitor_ma

    H1 to H4 transfer

    1. Yes, if you want to. 2. Within a week or two. 3. That is correct. But, always better to have H4 receipt notice. Thank you jairichi for your response. I have to calrify 1 more thing. 1) I will be sending application for COS to H4 tomorrow. And I think my employer will be sending H1B withdrawl application tomorrow as well. My application I have to send to following address which is PO box, taken from USCIS site- Dependents filing Form I-539 for a change of status or extension of stay separately from the principal's application, and whose principal's application is pending or approved, should file at the USCIS Dallas Lockbox facility. All other Form I-539 filings should be sent to the USCIS Dallas Lockbox facility. See address below. USCIS P.O. Box 660166 Dallas, TX 75266 I am worried if I send to PO box then I will not have acknowledgement of reciveing the packet. And my employer will send H1b withdrwal application and I will send COS application from H1B to H4 tomorrow to above PO box address. Should I be safe and can I continue to stay in US after sending my COS H4 application tomorrow? Or do I need to go out of country for H4 status? Please advise.
  12. visitor_ma

    H1 to H4 transfer

    Hi all, Anyone please reply to my above query. Also I would like to know one thing. I applied for H1B as cap exempt after entering US back again on H4 after 2 years. I had 2.3 yrs left on my previous H1B out of 6 years. Now if I go back to H4 and want to apply for H1 again (provided I get Job) in April 2015, will I get H1B with 3/6 years time-limit or it will be remaining cap exempt? In nutshell I want to apply for fresh H1B rather than being cap exempt, is it possible now without going out of country for 365 days since I have reinstated my old H1B?
  13. visitor_ma

    H1 to H4 transfer

    Hi all, I am currently on H1B and I want to leave job and go back to H4 status. PLease advise me what date I should give my employer as last date. My understanding is this - 1) After we get receipt for H4 that can be considered last day. 2) receipt for H4 comes in 15 to 30 days. 3) Even if receipt# for H4 does not come we can consider the day when application is received by USCIS of course in all scenarios we should have H4 approved at the end. If H4 is not approved then I will be considered out of status from my last pay day. Please advise if my understanding is correct.
  14. visitor_ma

    GC with company B

    I have same situation. I have a question on it further. Company A holds H1B, time on H1B left 2.3 years. Company B ready to file GC. At what stage Company B can file for H1B transfer and H1B extension for me. I understand since company A didnt file my GC I will have to do H1B transfer sooner or later with Company B so that I can get H1B extension based on GC filed by Company B, please help me in understanding that latest by what time I can/ should join Company B on H1 transfer? Will there be chances of getting denial on H1 transfer to Company B since they are doing GC without holding H1B at that time? If H1 transfer does not gets approved after GC is initiated then at what stage or in how much time/ years I will be able to join Company B? Please help me with these questions.
  15. visitor_ma

    Online non-profit n accredited university

    Thank you rahul and JoeF for your response. Appreciate it :)