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  1. I got Green card through Employment based, And my wife got Green card as a dependent of me. Now Its been almost 5 years. Now thinking of applying for Citizenship. We both wanted to Apply, But however I am having second thoughts as first Apply for my Wife and later after a year I wanted to Apply myself. Is that a right choice. Since my wife got Green card on a dependent basis through me, Will they question why you are applying with out your Husband ? Did any one Applied like this and had any questions during Interview.
  2. any update on your case "ApnaGC"
  3. I did work for "X" company from year 2007 to 2014. "X" company filed my GC under EB3 category in 2008. Another company "Y" filed my GC under "EB2" category in 2012 and ported my priority date to 2008. In NOV-2013 I received my Green Card Approval under EB2 Category. I did not join "Y" company at all, Since my "X" Employer told me they had plans to merge "X" with "Y" very soon, Both Companies got merged finally around year 2015. But I did work for "X" company after I received my GC for about 5 months. Now I am planning to apply for Citizenship. Is there going to be problem, Since I never joined "Y" company at all after I received my GC. As Of now I am thinking below options. Please chime in your thoughts which one is best, Or any other options. 1) Apply after 6+ years since I got my green card or 2) Apply now and Hire an Attorney to be safe during Interview Process.
  4. In Oct 2017 my H1b got approved and my status changed from OPT to H1b. My project is ending next week and I am soon going to get another project. Now, the issue is I have to go to India in June 2018 on an urgent trip and I will have to attend visa stamping for the first time after my H1B status. Now my concerns are as follows: 1. Once i move to new project I will apply for H1b amendment in premium processing and then get it approved and go to India. What are the chances of suspending premium processing in coming months? When are they likely going to suspend premium processing? 2. If premium processing is suspended and I end up applying for H1 B amendment in normal process, Can i go for stamping in India with H1b amendment receipt and a letter from my employer stating that I am their employee and they have applied for my H1b amendment? What are the risks involved? Other than the above mentioned options, if there is any other batter way to approach this issue please let me know.