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  1. Hello everyone. I have read a few posts on the topic in the forum, not sure if anyone had this question before. This weekend I received RFE on my AOS application, I think probably because my EB3 priority date has got closer (another 2-months to go) with this 4-month jump. It asks for Current employment letter Proof of maintenance of status (EAD, I-797 or I-94) Medical (I-693) I have not changed jobs and employer has been extending H1B status. I also keep EAD just in case. Would you please suggest list of all documents that should be submitted. Would you suggest taking an attorney services or this is simple enough to do it myself. Thanks, S K
  2. Gumastha

    AP for regular travel?

    Thanks pontevecchio for the clarification and your time.
  3. Gumastha

    AP for regular travel?

    Hello to all. Maybe I shouldn't have read it, but did. I received my approved Advance Parole yesterday and as I usually have, did a quick check to make sure my name, address, A# looked right. Then I read the fine print below it, probably the first time ever. It says " .... Presentation of the original of this document prior to 'Date' allows a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Inspector at a port-of-entry to parole the named bearer, whose photograph appears hereon, into the United States based upon urgent humanitarian reasons or significant public benefit. ..." Does 'urgent humanitarian reasons or significant public benefit' not imply Advance Parole not be used for regular travel when in AOS? Thank you, S K
  4. Sorry I typed your name incorrectly. Thanks Shurap, appreciate your time and reply.
  5. Thanks Sharup, appreciate your time and reply.
  6. Hello to all. I happened to read this post only yesterday, http://forum.murthy.com/index.php?/topic/41958-working-on-ead-re-enter-on-h4-start-working-on-same-ead-next-day-allowed/ Generally, your wife’s EAD will not be voided/rescinded if she enters on H4 then commences employment pursuant to the EAD the very next day. However, there is a little known interpretation of USCIS/CBP that says when an individual has a pending I-485 petition and travels abroad they should enter the U.S. pursuant to the status they were in when they left. That being said, issues regarding this interpretation are very rare in practice. Nonetheless, the conservative approach is to enter the U.S. from travel abroad pursuant to Advance Parole if prior to departure the individual was working pursuant to EAD. If you would like to discuss this in more detail please contact an attorney of the Murthy Law Firm. I am not clear about the quoted text that is highlighted. Would somebody please clarify. I have been working on H1-B for the past 15-years, and maybe since 2011 I have only used Advance Parole to travel outside U.S and return. I have not had visa stamping done maybe after 2008. Should I have got my passport stamped and entered only in H1B status that I have always been working on H1B. Thanks for your time.
  7. Friends: My AP/EAD application has a receipt date October 1, 2014. It is almost 4-months, much longer than the wait times I have had previously or the 3-months processing time listed in the website. It does not let me submit a Case Status Inquiry saying the applications are within processing times. Any hints on why the processing times are longer than they have so far been? (I hope they don't bring in premium processing for these too and have us shell out big bucks) Can you suggest if I have any other options to follow-up. Thanks for your time, S K.
  8. Gumastha

    Any one got EAD who filed I-485 in September

    I filed 1st October for AP at the USCIS, Dallas and status is still 'Case Received'. I think this is the longest it has taken for me so far :(
  9. Gumastha

    Expired H1-B visa traveling thru Germany to India

    My wife went in Jan'13 and I went in Feb thro Frankfurt without a transit visa. It was not asked. I believe the rule then was you could board the flight if your final destination is your home country. I remember seeing that on the German Consulate website. Recently July/September my friend, wife, kids were not allowed to board the flight. They had to buy fresh set of tickets for the next day on a direct flight. I did notice the rules had got changed.
  10. Hi, Thanks a lot. I see the same mentioned previous years too. I had applied for APs past 4/5 years but never noticed these instructions, must be getting too old.
  11. Hello All: My current AP had expired so I wanted apply for a new one. I noticed few significant changes in the form instructions as below. And in the instructions for filling out the form, it requires It is painful to read something like this :( I have so far used AP to go visit family and friends. Can we not do that anymore, does it have to be a proven emergency. Please suggest. Thank you
  12. Gumastha


    Can you take the Citizens/PR line if you have AP!!?? I didn't know that. Could some one please confirm. Thank you.
  13. Gumastha

    EB3 - Approved - Waited for a decade

    Great stuff emails2xyz. Wish you well.
  14. Gumastha

    Let's track the longest H1B here

    Number of years in H1B: 12 Years + Initial H1B issue: 1999 Current Status: H1B EB Category: EB3 EB priority date: July 2004 People/things I blame - My employers and my job :) been with them since 2001 I don't think my employers would pay me more and be able to do a EB2 :( Are there other options?
  15. Gumastha

    Feb2012 Visa Bulletin Predictions

    You are truly the champion for the EB3s :)