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  1. I Had done my H1B Interview on 21st AUG, At the end VO taken my Passport, 797 copies(2006, 2009, 2012) and Client Letter. He Said it will take couple of days to review further let you know by Ph./email. Please see my Interview post @ this link... On 24th AUG I requested an email for status update, by EOD they responded saying "Your case is still under Administrative Review. Unfortunately we cannot give an accurate timeline on how long this will take. At this time we do not need any further documents from you." Till today 27th AUG either me/my employer/my client did not get any call/email for verification. I heard one of the person who attended on 16th AUG @ Vancouver had similar situation, even he also didn't get any response from the consulate yet. Does anyone/your friends having similar kind of situations having only "Admin Review", not 221G cases, where VO collected their Passports, 797 Copies & Client Letters. How long does it going to clear the case? Does these cases, During Admin Review, Does you/your employer/your client received any calls/emails? what is the time frame.? Does it will lead to "Case sent back to USCIS further review", I heard the similar cases who attended from INDIA, those cases are sent back to USCIS. Anyone/your friends had face this situation @ Canada/Mexico these cities? Sorry for asking so many questions at this moment. I really appreciate your feedback on this, I am trying to mitigate with other cases. So that I can plan myself and inform to my client as well to stay back in Canada it self. Feel free to reach me @ kishankarla @ gmail .com, I can reach you further to discuss over Phone in detail. Ofcourse, I totally agree each Individual cases are different from other’s but trying to understand…. Thank you very much, Kishan.
  2. kishankarla

    H1B extension 6+yrs: Should I go to Calgary?

    I do not have good thoughts about Calgary. You can try for Vancouver, if any case if you got stuck on Admin Review when you have all the documents are perfect, depends on the Q @ third party/DOS verification , cases will be clearing between 3-4 weeks duration maximum.
  3. kishankarla

    Visa Stamping in Vancouver on Sept 6th got 221g

    Dont worry, I am sure your case will be clear in 3-4 weeks depends on the Q, The consulate won't do any thing after this kind of Admin Review. They used to send to DOS, which will turn to Third Party verification. Your client will get call & email to your client for your contract verification. Issuing 221g/ not Issuing both fall into Admin Review which to make sure the Fraud Prevention process of the client letter signatures & contract versification by third parties under DOS. They are collecting the contract information by phone call & email confirmations from client HR/Immigration/Legal Departments. Last week two ours of the similar cases cleared & visas issued in Vancouver. You can read my posts as well. Thank you,
  4. kishankarla

    221g white slip in vancouver on Sep 6th

    Hi Sand/Sai, Hope in both your cases they taken your Passport & along supported documents. Even my case(16th guy case) it has happened the same taken all documents with Passport, didn't issue 221g/ Admin. Review. But Issue 221g/Admin process, without Issue 221g, both will fall into Admin Review, my case is Admin Review without issue any documents.. It's got resolved total of 3 Weeks. I attended on 21st AUG, another guy attended on 16th AUG, we both got emails that visa approved, collect Passport on WED 5th. 7th SEP we both collected Passports @ consulate. I did some research on the 221g cases/no 221g cases with Admin Review here, I have seen 6 people between 16th-27th. every case has different scenario. I will post in details soon.. Guys who got the Admin Review processing @ Vancouver, I strongly suggest to stay back here itself, as per my exp. cases will be clearing from 2-4 weeks duration depending on the cases in Q. Of course, some times might not possible to work remote, client managers might not accept. Hey Sand, if you need accommodation, I can try for you, please send me email to my ID, you can see my ID in my account. Here few other 221g guys are waiting. Finally, every one Don't get frustration/panic, be cool, try to realize the situations. You will get the visa, I am sure, but the documentation should be PERFECT.
  5. kishankarla

    I94 expired 2 months ago..going for stamping

    You not have Valid I 94 until SEP 13 with you visa, I mean your I 94 status not carry fw'ed with your visa approval? I guess that might be an Illegal for you with Invalid Status! In that case, There are HIGH chances of VISA rejections any consulate... Few ppl who left the same day didn't approve their I 94 along with Visa, they went OUT USA boarder crossed, returned back with NEW I 94. I hope here, employer/Attorney suggestions might help you..
  6. kishankarla

    Chances of H1B stamping for EVC model in Vancouver..

    try to book one way, Once you receive the passport you can confirm your travel that day itself..
  7. Hi, Please let us know, If any one interested to share accommodation in Vancouver/Richmond/Surrey those who are still waiting for Admin. Process/221g response from US consulate. We are two members and not interested to travel, even it will take the same cost for the one month duration of up & down tickets. So thought of stay back and looking for some one to share accommodation. If any one interested please share your email ID, we can discuss further. Thank you,
  8. I strongly suggest you reserve the return ticket after collect the passport.
  9. Also, Please let us know, if any one having the sharing accommodation, So that we both will join with you.
  10. kishankarla

    No Result! after Interview @ Vancouver 21st August

    myvisaaug, Yes we are expecting the same.. Just waiting for the consulate response to client. Does any one have any idea what kind of the questions might ask by phone/email from consulate? Please share with me..
  11. Hello everyone who are viewing the forums, I have been reading these posts past few months. Thanks for posting their experiences, It’s really boost the confidence levels for everyone. Here are the Questions asked to me(EVC).. I didn’t know the exact reason but said needs to verify further takes few days, Didn’t say visa approved/not, did not give the Waybill No. to check the Loomis/DHL PP, Also didn’t Issue 221g. Taken 2nd(Recent) passport, 2006, 2009, 2012 797 approval originals, Client Letter only. How long you been in USA? FEB 2007 To whom you are working? XXXX Are you done Masters? No Education? Did Masters & M.Phil. in computers from India What is your role? XXXX What is your Salary? XXXX Do you have pay slips, shown up to July 2012.. Have kept verifying few details.. returned pay slips Do you have end client? XXXX, taken the letter. Looked for some time in the letter How long you been working with this, Said May 2011,(CA) Where you were before? PA, To whom? XXXX Do you have 2011 W2? Shown the 2011 W2, looking for some time.. returned W2 Still looking few more things.. asked for Left finger prints, done Did you file GC? No How long been with this company? FEB 2007 Do you came here on H1B? Yes Asked for old Passport, handed over him Are you any time out of status> No Asked for old 797, verified the 2009 & 2006 originals (I didn’t change my employer) (I was outside USA during June 08- July 09, now got visa until July 15. I got approved visa for 6 years after my re-entry in July 09 as I was in India more than 1Yr) –He didn’t ask about this to me, If he ask I might explain him clearly. Still looking on the documents of 797 approvals & Client letter, Finally said need to verify few more details, takes few days, asked my Ph. No. , Said call you in couple of days.. didn’t say exactly I stressed him, Do you need any other documents which I can provide, He said right now NO, we need to verify further. Asked me to wait for Ph. Call/email. Taken the 2006, 2009, 2012 797 originals, Passport, Client letter. 2006 797 originals pinned with 2006 Vayu Offer letter. I asked him does it required? He said leave it np, he kept all the documents. Does anyone have this kind of situation? Highly appreciated your feedbacks if some knows about it! If they say took our phone no., Does they will call really or just email for update after few days. Few days means how many day might it would be? I hope I am expecting the +Ve news in couple of days soon J .. Fingers Crossed .. Please don’t carry any kind of backpack bags also. I didn’t remember from posts I have read backpack bags are allowed not sure does it Vancouver/any other consulate. I have carried small backpack bag as I have bunch of documents to show if required, but they didn’t allow. Kept in another hotel nearby which is 5$ cost. Try to avoid any kind bags if possible. The person who came with me, on EVC, most of the similar questions as per the DS 160. They said visa approved & gave him waybill receipt to check passport. We saw another guy, he also kind of mine, don’t know the exact reason, for him also they took Passport & didn’t gave the Waybill receipt. During the Interview process as per understanding, it’s very clear that they are cross checking with us from DS 160 details. Like, employer, role, salary, education, location, client. Sometimes asking for W2 forms & supportive documents.. not more than that! Thank you...
  12. kishankarla

    H1 B Stamping & process for Green Card started

    For that If you have valid I 140 approved, then Say YES, otherwise keep NO.
  13. kishankarla

    No Result! after Interview @ Vancouver 21st August

    No My 1st H1B in 2006 from Mumbai consulate, 2nd H1B I didn't go outside USA, for 3rd one I went to Vancouver. Hi Cuser2011, Did you get any update Ph Call/ Email....
  14. kishankarla

    No Result! after Interview @ Vancouver 21st August

    Hi Cuser2011, Can you send a quick email ID to me .. kishankarla @ gmail . com, Whr did you attend Interview, Vancouver? What kind of discussion you had with Visa Officer, Does he is with counter No. 6, For me Counter No. 6. Did you send any email request for status update? I am thinking to send an email request after 3 days. Hi Vanouversep13, I don't think it's because of US Masters.
  15. Does he took your Passport & 797? In that case, they might Issue the visa after verification.
  16. kishankarla

    Question regarding I129

    It's good habit to provide the requested document, So that she won't confuse/ waste of time for that specific, Some times it might lead to ask more from the complete set of documents.
  17. kishankarla

    Any one travelling on Oct5 to Vancouver

    ya, even I also seen in google hotels for cheap prices, this one have good reviews. I will book some time this week in this hotel.
  18. kishankarla

    Frustrated with visa stamp delays in Ottawa

    What they mentioned in 221g White exactly ? Does they mentioned specifically still looking for more documents/information or just Admin. process?
  19. kishankarla

    Any one travelling on Oct5 to Vancouver

    Does it good one? Did you know any one of your friend's stayed here? I am also planning to book room this hotel from 20th to 24th AUG.
  20. kishankarla

    Canada TRV Question

    Yes Yes Yes or you can keep two weeks depends..
  21. kishankarla

    Canada Visitng Visa recently

    Okay, ya these guys are good. Couple of my friend's also submitted thru this guy. But, what I understand is Canada consulates are keep changing their process & making it delay.. Hope you will get it soon!
  22. kishankarla

    Canada Visitor Visa Help..!

    You can apply now, but you will get as per your OPT exp. date. If you wait until your H1 approval, you will get at least H1 expiry date also some times they will give until PP expiry if you select multiple visit option.
  23. kishankarla

    Canada Visitng Visa recently

    Does it egvisaservices? Yes, Me & My friend submitted & NYC, I have received in total of 3 weeks my PP, but still my friend's PP waiting. We both sent on June 22nd Ground Fedex, they collected on July 2nd, submitted @ NYC Consulate on 5th July, Mine is stamped on 10th July & received PP on 15th July. But Still my friend waiting his PP. But, consulate requested my friend for all his old I 797 copies, later egvisa services(they) submitted I 797 on July 10th. We both have Vancouver Apt. on 21st AUG. We tried to reach consulate as well egvisaservices third party, either one saying still under process. egvisa services responded that consulate changed the process after 11th of JULY. Eagerly waiting for PP, otherwise he is have to cancel his Apt. & flight ticket. which required to wait 70 more days.. Situations happens unexpectedly which is not any one of our control..
  24. kishankarla

    Canada TRV Question

    Yes Yes Yes
  25. kishankarla

    Caada visiting visa validity

    I submitted thru egvisaservices - rockville, MD. They submits in person to NYC. I have got in 3 weeks, my friend still waiting for his pp, but we both sent documents to this guy on the same day.