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  1. Hello- I am on H1b and have an approved I140 waiting for GC priority dates to become current. I am planning to purchase a commercial property to get rental income. As part of this, I would be getting a loan from bank. However Banks require me to Register an LLC company under my name and purchase it under company name. This type of commercial property is purely for rental purposes. I would be collecting a monthly rental check and Not involve in any running business, not maintaining building/maintenance, not paying property taxes, not paying insurances etc (basically these are called NNN properties (i.e Tripe Net properties)) which are truly passive in nature. This will be stated in purchase agreement as well. I read many posts and contacted few attorneys as well and all I hear is if it is Passive investment then it is fine. I did not get any clear answer as I can create LLC on my name (100% myself as owner) and purchase a commercial property. My question is , being on H1b can I register an LLC under my name without involving any other partner etc? Are there any legal complications which needs to be aware of? Thanks A.M
  2. maaleem

    Travel to india while H1b extension is pending

    Hey jairachi Thanks for reply. I saw it now but appreciate your response. I went to India and came back with new h1b and visa stamp.
  3. Hi I am working on H1b since 2007 and have approved I-140. My current H1b is expiring on August 2014 (Visa was expired on August 2013 itself though). I have applied for 8th year extension under premium processing and got RFE recently on May 16th, 2014. We are in process of replying to RFE with documents. However i am running into family emergency in india and have to travel as soon as possible and unable to wait till H1b is approved. Given above situation and also considering new I94 (web based) process. Can i travel to india without H1b Approved (or extension is pending)? Does it creates any issue as i am out of country and causes denial? As i read previous posts are pointing to I94 confusions but new process doesnt require I94 and it is everything online. Can any one please answer or advice? Thanks maaleem