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  1. Can someone please approve post and help with replies. Sincere thanks,
  2. Hi, My sister filed Family based GC application for me that is approved and in NVC stage. I have my GC through my husband. If I withdraw my Family based GC application will it affect my Other sibling's application or will their application continue as is. Can I request to priotize my other sibling's applications isntead? How can I withdraw the application for me - does the sponsor (my sister) have to do this?
  3. Hi, I was on H1B earlier from 2011 -2014 and have 3 more years on my H1B. I am on H4 now. I have received an RFE on my H4 -H1B transfer with a new employer who has filed H1B application for me. Can you please tell me implications of a denied H1B application in this situation? --- What are my options if my H1B application is denied? Can my same employer reapply? what about another employer? will I be cap exempt still if another H1B application were filed? Thanks,
  4. Jiveandlive

    H4 EAD I140 Question

    I am on H4 Visa and my husband has I140 from his previous employer A. He is now with new employer B on H1B visa and is going through PERM process with employer B. My question 1) Can I use his I140 from employer A for filing for H4 EAD? His I140 is active and not revoked. 2) Is there additional documentation needed for filing H4 EAD from employer A that may stop me from filing H4 EAD while my husband is with new employer B? Thanks,
  5. Jiveandlive

    H1B revoked Cap exempt?

    Hi My H1B was revoked as I lost my job. Am I still eligible for Cap exempt? I had some time left on original H1B petition. Thanks,
  6. Hi, I was on EAD through OPT and have an MBA degree. Can I still file for H4 EAD ? My spouse has an approved I140 through his previous employer which has not been revoked and he is going through PERM process with his new employer. Should I use I140 details from his previous employer for filing H4 EAD? Also, what is the address and code for question 16 on EAD form as I could not see H4 EAD category in form I765 for EAD filing. Many Thanks,
  7. Hi, My previous company filed for h1b in 2011 and it got approved. I lost my job in 2013, so there was more than a year on this H1B. I'm currently on H4 visa and my spouse has an approved I140. My questions 1) Can I join a company before October 1 on my previous H1B (Cap exempt) or will I have to file a new H1B 2) Since the deadline for filing H1B was April 1 this year, what are my options if I'm looking to join a new employer asap 3) How can I use my H4 to get EAD? What will be the start date of this H4 Many Thanks,
  8. I recently lost my job and my official last date is 21 Feb 2014. My current I94 is valid till September 30 2014, the same day on which my first 3 years of H1B will expire. I am planning to change to H4 and have a few questions 1) If I reapply for H1B later after being in H4 for some time, will my current H1B petition still hold or will I have to go through H1B Cap. 2) When I reapply for H1B will I get it for 3 years or only 7 months (Feb- September) and file for an extension in those 7 months? 3) How long can I be in status and look for another job on my current H1B? 4) My husband will be applying for H1B extension. What documents will I need to apply for H4 through this. 5) When should I apply for H4, given my current situation. Please help me by providing answers to these questions at your earliest. Sincerely, J